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Find out how to earn online by promoting products of famous brands
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5 units
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Experienced knowledge from the global affiliate network Admitad
Business model on how to earn after finishing the course
Here is how it works
Unit 2. Where to drive traffic from? Most popular traffic sources
- Arbitrage of traffic
- Partly free traffic
- Types of business models
- Fraud and rules violations
Unit 1. Introduction to affiliate marketing - how it works
- Basic terms and definitions
- Pricing models and categories of programs
- Affiliate network VS advertiser's own program
Unit 5. Business model YouTube: how to earn
- How to create a business channel on YouTube and upload a video
- How to get your video higher in search
- Ways of earning on YouTube
Unit 4. What and why should you analyze?
- How to analyze the market
- How to analyze the competitors
Unit 3. How to start working with Admitad?
- Registration
- How to work with the personal account of publisher (dashboard overview)
- How to choose and join an advertiser
What skills/level of knowledge in affiliate marketing do I need to start working?
This course is for beginners so you don’t need to have any skills in affiliate marketing. The speakers of the course will explain everything in detail starting from the beginning and then introducing more advanced topics. However, you should be an experienced internet user in order to have an easy and fast start - you should know how to use social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and etc.. And you should know how to easily google any necessary information.
Will I have to pay afterward?
The course is fully free and no charges will be made before, during, and after the course.
What does this course consist of?
The majority of lectures are in the video format where lectures show presentations or demonstrate their screen in order to show every step that you as a publisher should take.
What will I get after completing this course?
You will understand how affiliate marketing works, and what you should do as a publisher in order to make money. You will review the whole process of work, find out what advertisers pay for how to drive traffic, and how to analyze statistics. The last unit of the course will be dedicated to earning on YouTube. You will see how to create a channel, how to upload a video and optimize it for SEO, after that we will review the ways of earning.
Who are the speakers?
Speakers are the experts in affiliate marketing who work with publishers and advertisers and help them to develop their business and to earn more.
Where can I earn?
Affiliate marketing can be used on social media if you have a community or a public page with subscribers. You can create a blog with articles or videos where you’ll add affiliate links and promote products in services of advertisers.
Admitad is an affiliate network that brings together 1600+ advertisers and over 724k publishers around the globe. In 2018 total sales amounted to $3,4B. The network provides publishes and advertisers with useful tools and helps them develop their projects.
Admitad Academy has created courses for publishers, advertiser and ad agencies with over 10,5 participants. Since our launch we have held more than 30 webinars in 7 languages. You can read our articles on blog and watch video lectures on our YouTube channel.
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