Regarding social media, everyone knows that the actual products are the users, the people. It looks like everyone else is making money off social media, and you can too. Let’s look at one of the lesser-known ways to make money from social media. It’s time to learn how to start making money on traffic arbitrage.

What is Traffic Arbitrage?

Traffic arbitrage is when you purchase traffic for a set amount and sell that traffic to someone else for a profit. It works because traffic is commonly sold to a company; they are essentially buying clients who purchase their products.

Companies buy ads from networks that specialize in advertisements, like Amazon Ads. The company’s advert appears on the ad network’s website, and when the customer or consumer clicks on the ad, the ad network gets paid. Most of these ads are paid for per click.

Essentially, you will be sourcing the clients and consumers who click on these ads. You will get paid when the client clicks on the advertisement or purchases a product from the advertising company.

For example, you join a program that pays 10$ for the registration. You placed an ad in Google Ads and set 50 cents for a click.

10 users clicked on your ad and visited the advertiser’s website, i.e. you bought traffic for 5$ and sold it to the advertiser.

If any of these 10 users gets interested and registers on the website, you will make 10$. This way if you have 10% CR, your revenue will be 5$.

However, if there will be 20+ clicks but no conversions, you will bear losses.

How to Begin Earning on Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is a fantastic way to earn money from social media without developing your own product. It may seem super daunting at first, but once you understand it, it will be a piece of cake.

Types of Traffic

When it comes to traffic arbitrage, you buy the traffic that someone else has generated, so you need to decide where you want to buy the traffic and what kind of traffic you would like to purchase.

There are different types of traffic that you could buy:

Referral Traffic

It is when traffic is diverted from other websites to the desired website without a search for the desired website ever occurring.

Organic Traffic

It is essentially free traffic, the traffic that lands on the desired website because of planned content or a google search.

Direct Traffic

It is when the consumer has the complete intention to land on your desired website. The consumer may go to your website following a link sent to them, or they may physically type in the web address.

Social Traffic

The traffic gets generated through social media, social networks, and mobile apps. The consumer clicking on an ad on one of these platforms and getting redirected to your website is called social traffic.

You will be known as a media buyer as you will buy one of these types of traffic and resell it at a higher price to make a profit.

Where to Buy Traffic

Knowing where to buy traffic is probably the most daunting part for a beginner, but not to fret; we have you covered. Several companies specialize in selling traffic, and you will have no trouble finding traffic to buy.

You can buy specialized traffic through a paid search. In the paid search, you can specify age, gender, and multiple other aspects you would prefer the traffic to have.

You can buy traffic from companies like:

  • Outbrain Amplify For Advertisers;
  • Twitter Ads;
  • LinkedIn Ads;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Google Ads.


How To Buy Traffic

Step 1

You start by visiting one of the relevant websites that specialize in selling traffic, either one of the five websites listed above or an entirely different website that will serve the same purpose, your choice.

Step 2

Next, you will be expected to answer a series of questions, including the name of your business and your website’s address.

Step 3

You will then set your advertisement’s goal, whether to have more foot traffic at your physical location or more phone calls coming in. It could be getting more views or engagement on YouTube or the option you want to select, in this case, getting more sales or leads on your website.

Step 4 & 5

The next step is to create your advertisement and make it enticing following the ad setup; you will need to select some keywords. After which, you will be able to choose your targeted audience based on the criteria you provide.

Step 6

Then after that, you will be able to set your budget for as little or as much as you would like to spend to find these leads. Lastly, you will enter your billing details to pay for your campaign or advertisement.

Step 7

The next step is fantastic. It is where you start making money. You use your website as a platform for other companies to advertise their products. As we mentioned before, every click or purchase a consumer makes from the relevant companies gets you paid.

The specific paid advertisement company referenced above is Google Ads.

Where to Sell Traffic

It is probably another big question: You have paid to generate traffic, but now what? You’re out of pocket and need to make some profit quickly.

Affiliate Referrals

One of the easiest ways to do traffic arbitrage is to use partner marketing, having referral codes that you get a kickback from when they are used to make a purchase.

Another way that you can get kickbacks from referrals is joining ConvertSocial monetization platform with your social media accounts.

Promoting the products and services of businesses is a great way to get companies interested in advertising on your website.

Another great way to get companies interested is to have noticeably high traffic on your website, and you have ensured this by paying for the advertisement.

Niche Platforms

You can also sign up to platforms that connect you with brands in your niche, so if you have a food blog, the platform could connect you with a grocery store with all the ingredients for the dishes on your blog.

Therefore getting specified ads for the consumer means that there will be more clicks and more purchases, meaning more profit for you.

Another fantastic way to sell your traffic is using Partner Network from Admitad, which connects the publisher directly to the advertiser. This is the way to go when you want to make traffic arbitration.

Personal Connection

Another way to sell the traffic you now have coming to your website is to approach companies directly you would like to do business with.

You could send an email to their marketing team or be old school and schedule an in-person meeting, be ready with your proposal of why they should choose to advertise on your website.

Obviously, this is less effective way if you want to profit with traffic arbitrage since it requires a great deal of time and effort. Not to mention that you email could be forgotten or deleted by accident.

What Are The Benefits of Traffic Arbitrage?

There are many benefits to traffic arbitration, not the least of which are an increase in your profits. Not only are you having more traffic come to your website, meaning there is a higher sense of gratification for all the work you have put into the content of your website. It is finally getting noticed.

You build up a reputation as someone trustworthy. When you join Partner Network and use their links on your website to sell the traffic, make sure that brands you choose align with your views to keep that trust between yourself and the consumer.

The higher traffic on your website and social media pages because of the traffic arbitration may have many unexpected benefits like inspiring collaborations with other content creators, or you get sponsorships from brands who believe in what you do or share.

How Does Tracking Work With Arbitrage?

When a client clicks on an ad, it can be a very broad advertisement like “get better skincare.” Once users click on that advertisement, they get redirected to another page which helps define what they are interested in.

After they have determined what they are interested in (in this case, it could be better skin care for dry skin), they get redirected to the final page.

It is the landing page where they will make the purchase. The more defined the information about the consumer is, the more likely they are to follow through with the purchase after clicking on an advertisement.

The paid ad website you have used has a tracking function that will help you analyze some of the data and refine your campaigns. It will show you which of your advertisements or campaigns brought in the most traffic.

If you are serious about traffic arbitrage, it could be worth investing in a separate tracker to help you best refine your content and campaigns for the best results.

Best Practices of Traffic Arbitrage

Follow the Rules

If one of the businesses you choose to partner with has set specific parameters, keep them in mind as you go about your business.

Buy & Sell High-Quality Traffic

You can ensure that the traffic you buy is high-quality by testing the traffic first. Leave room in your budget for testing the quality of your traffic.

Don’t Use “Adult Traffic”

It may be slightly easier to come by sometimes, but adult traffic is not quality traffic, and it would be best to avoid this kind of traffic.

Best Tools To Do Traffic Arbitrage

To ensure the best results and the most profits when doing traffic arbitrage, there are some tools that one can use.


One of the best marketing tools available for traffic arbitrage.

Native Ad Buzz

One of the top tools for native traffic arbitrage.


One of the top tools for fraud detection used in traffic arbitrage.


One of the best spying tools used for traffic arbitrage.

Above are listed some of the best tools used in traffic arbitrage. You might find other tools that help you do better at traffic arbitrage. You will find a system and tools that work for you and help you to increase your profits exponentially.

Traffic Arbitrage For Beginners: The Secret Of Success

Traffic arbitration can seem scary and intimidating, especially if you’ve never done anything like this before, but don’t worry, and there are some secrets to success.

One thing that can put you a step above the rest is getting training before you start. If you do this, you will definitely have the edge over those self-taught in the industry. Is there even training available for this, you ask? Well, yes, there is!

Google Adsense offers a training course in traffic arbitration strategy; there are a couple more training courses provided by other companies, some of which aren’t free.

There are many YouTube videos available that can give you many tips and tricks, so take the time to research the industry and start on the right foot.

Another top tip to be successful in traffic arbitrage is to join Partner Network from Admitad. The platform connects publishers to advertisers who want to benefit from their existing traffic, both organic and social.

You can become a media buyer by putting ads on search engines and social networks. Use your own links as the links in the ads.

If you publish ads on Google, you can arrange to have action data sent from Admitad reports to your Google Ads account in order to activate automatic rate-setting strategies. They’ll help you save money and get more conversions.


Traffic arbitration sounds kind of scary, but once you have researched it, you can smile all the merry way to the bank.

It will require definite effort on your part, but all things worth the effort. You can choose to buy traffic from third-party companies and sell to other third-party companies or if you want to generate traffic on your website or social media using tools like paid advertisement companies.

Traffic arbitration is the ideal example of partner marketing, as you can use your content to generate traffic to sell to companies. You can make use of SEO tools to help get your content more clicks.

There are some standards and best practices that you should adhere to, and ensuring that you are selling quality traffic is essential.

Once you are in the traffic arbitration game, there are endless possibilities. Perhaps your online enterprise grows big enough that you no longer need to purchase traffic but generate enough organic traffic.

It’s worth remembering that you won’t get rich overnight, and you need to put in the work to make it work.