There is no doubt why this platform is one of the most successful and one of the most popular services. But it is not enough to upload any video to start your own YouTube channel and stand out from the rest.

You have to follow several key points that will help you to start and earn a lot of money.

Your main objective is to keep the people who are watching you on YouTube for as long as possible. Because one the most important YouTube KPIs is the watch time. In other words, the total amount of time that people spend consuming your content.

For this reason, having a formed structure or a script is very important. If you show YouTube that you can get people to watch your content for a long time, you’re showing them that you have value.

Clearly, starting on this path also implies having a series of programs and tools that will make your work easier. Although some are essential.

How to Make a Video on Your YouTube Channel

The first thing you should look at is the length of your YouTube video. Since the important thing is the time that people spend on your channel watching your videos.

For this reason, you cannot make a 1 or 2-minute clip because it’s very short and you are not adding a lot of watch time to your channel.

On the other hand, you can’t make a very long video of 30 minutes, for example, because people aren’t prepared and don’t hold their attention for that long.

How to Make Your First Video For a YouTube Channel

Choose to make your videos between 7 to 15 minutes. You have all this time to make this content.

If you structure it the right way, you can get your audience to hold the most attention in your video.

If each person gets to watch 7, 8, or 9 minutes of your content, that’s a lot of time you’re adding to your total watch time. Which tells YouTube that your content is valuable.

As soon as YouTube takes into account your statistics, it will start recommending you to other users and you will get more people to see your content.

How Do I Make Videos For YouTube

Making videos for YouTube is easier than it seems.

Although it is not just putting a camera in front of you and starting to talk, it is not that difficult either.

It depends on what niche you want to specialize in, you have different ways to make videos for YouTube.

Videos Without Showing the Face

You can choose a topic that doesn’t require showing your face. It’s quite used and YouTubers do it to keep their identity private.

You can dedicate yourself to this theme as long as it doesn’t require speaking directly to the audience, that is, you couldn’t record a video where your face cannot be seen if you want to dedicate yourself to making vlogs.

On the other hand, if you have in mind to dedicate yourself to making video game videos, product reviews, or tutorials, you could take over this modality without problems.

It’s a good way to keep your identity hidden when you’re just starting out on YouTube.

Videos Interacting With the Audience

There are many YouTubers who opt for this modality because they feel more comfortable or simply like it more.

In this case, you require charisma and certain humor to appear entertaining to your audience. Something you can also acquire over time.

In these videos it’s essential that you interact with your audience, that is, you must show your face and talk to your viewers.

Normally, YouTubers who are dedicated to this niche usually talk about current issues, and personal experiences or often ask their audience what they could talk about in the next video.

That is a very easy and fun way for your audience to feel engaged and part of your channel. You have a good time, they have a good time.

Background Videos

Another way to start making videos on YouTube is to upload content but only showing images or videos, with background music.

That is, you should neither show your face nor put your voice over in the background.

This modality is used more than anything when you want to dedicate yourself to the tutorial niche.

You can also add a voice through a simulator that narrates or comments on the steps to follow.

It is the easiest way to keep your identity 100% hidden if you are just starting out on YouTube.

Make YouTube Videos on Your Phone

When it comes to recording and editing you have several options. One of them, and perhaps the most feasible for those who are just starting out, is to make YouTube videos with your phone.

You can use it for both recording and editing. Ideally, as you progress on YouTube, you also do so with your work tools.

Nowadays, you have many smartphones that have a quasi-professional camera, and also several editing programs that you can download to your mobile.

Make sure your recording location is visually clean, with good light and you can be heard well. That way you can optimize the quality of your video and users will enjoy watching your content more.

This information does not matter if you have an iOS or an Android. You can make YouTube videos with an iPhone just like with any Android.

Make YouTube Video with Your Computer

Another way is to make YouTube videos on your computer, here are two ways to do it.

First, you can choose to record and edit everything on your computer. Or else, you can use a recording camera (or it can be with your smartphone) and then edit on your computer.

The first option requires a computer webcam, if you have one, you can record yourself without any problem.

If you decide to make videos without showing your face and record your computer screen instead, you can explore thousands of computer screen recording software.

Instead, if you decide to record with a camera and then edit it on your computer, it will give you a more professional result.

You can buy a recording camera and download an editing program. There are several programs with support for both professionals and novices.

Make Videos On YouTube

Finally, an option that perhaps many didn’t know is that, for some time, YouTube allows you to edit from the same platform.

All you have to do is upload the previously recorded video, choose whether you want it to be a public, private, hidden video, or schedule it.

Once done, you need to choose the “Creator Studio” option to start editing your video.

This option is made for people who do not have an editing program. The options it has are basic, but it is great to start with.

How to Make Good Videos for YouTube

A good video on YouTube is rated by its editing, recording method, theme, and way of carrying it out.

This means that when recording the video you have to have a clean space, without visual pollution and well lit.

If your intention is to make videos without showing your face, then make sure that your voice is heard clearly and, preferably, without background noise.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to show your face or expose your voice, then you can choose to add other touches to your video.

Like a genuine edit, an interesting theme, and a good presentation.

How to Make an Intro for a YouTube Video

A YouTube video always stands out if its editing and presentation are great.

Make an original introduction that highlights your brand. There are several programs that can help you with this point.

Keep in mind that the intro should have good music, bold colors, genuine editing, and your channel name.

You can also add below your name the niche you belong to. Example: “So and so. Tutorials”.

Can I Monetize with YouTube Videos

Yes! These platforms give you the ability to earn money with them once you have a certain community following you.

That is why it is important that you are constant with your subscribers and that you show the platform that your videos are worth it.

If YouTube detects that users watch full of your videos, that they follow your channel, you get a lot of feedback and you also upload videos in a row. Then they will start paying you.

Likewise, you first have to meet certain requirements for YouTube to start paying you, which are mentioned in its terms and conditions.

You can earn money from YouTube videos, not only through the platform but also with ads. You can get sponsors from different brands and they will pay you for putting their ads on your videos or for recommending them.

But you can speed things up when it comes to finding a reliable brand to promote.

With the ConvertSocial monetization platform, you don’t have to reach out to brands directly or negotiate the conditions.

All you need is to sign up, choose a relevant brand from a catalog of 30.000+ brands, and start making money by promoting their products or services.

Here’s some food for thought before you start

How Many Ads Can I Put on My YouTube Video

The truth is that YouTube does not put a limit on ads to put in your videos. But there is a reality, and that is that your viewers will not like a video full of ads.

YouTube wants the user to have a good experience, so if they are stuck with ads, they may end up rejecting your channel.

It would be annoying for the user if there were so many ads in such a short time. So, you can put some ads on your videos and earn some coins from them, but don’t be pushy.

How to Make a YouTube Channel Without Ads in Your Videos

If you don’t want your YouTube videos to have ads, there is a solution for that too.

You can turn off monetization for any video you’ve previously uploaded.

You must go to the “YouTube Studio” option and see your Content. Once there, select the video you want to disable ads for.

In this way, you can easily demonetize ads in your video. So easy.

How Much Can I Earn Making Videos on YouTube

In the first instance, this depends on which country you live in. But you still have to be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

In addition to having to be part of this Program, you must also meet certain requirements in order to monetize.

If you have these two considerations, you can start monetizing your YouTube videos.

Did you know that the ConvertSocial platform has no requirements on the content, country of residence or the number of subscribers? Just generate a link, add it to your video description and start making money by promoting it in your videos.

How do I Make Money on YouTube

For that, you need to meet a certain number of hours of video viewed in a certain amount of time.

It may sound complicated, but the reality is that there are millions of people around the world who earn money by uploading videos to YouTube and even make a living from it.

Therefore, it is not impossible. You must propose it and trust that you can do it. You have thousands of examples to follow.

Who is the Highest Paid Youtuber

There are many people who make a living making videos on YouTube.

Currently, the highest-paid YouTuber is Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) who exceeds 90 million subscribers. He is a YouTuber who is dedicated to doing stunts and uploading his videos to YouTube.

He became well known for his recreation of a famous series that was all the rage in 2021. To this day, he remains first on the podium.

Wrapping Up. How to Make a Video on Your YouTube Channel

Many people choose to dedicate their lives to making videos on YouTube, and the truth is that it is a lot of fun!

Really, anyone who intends to follow this path can achieve it and be victorious in the process, it is simply a matter of trying and being proactive.

Using your subscribers to create new content is a very favorable avenue and will help you be more creative when making your videos.

In addition to that, you will be giving them something that they themselves asked for. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to, you are the only one stopping you.