This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a YouTube channel for personal, business, children, and even establishments like churches.

Throughout the article, topics of interest are explained on how to monetize and receive profits with the creation of a YouTube channel, as well as how it should be configured for its correct use. Another issue addressed is the creation of channels for video games and music.

YouTube channels are platforms that allow you to create video content and connect with your audience from anywhere at any time. They are widely used by content creators, and influencers, depending on their needs, tastes, and interests.

What is a YouTube Channel

A personal YouTube channel is an ideal space to upload videos, interact with other people, and create free-choice content. Anyone who wants to join YouTube can create their own channel, and not just one, you can have as many channels as you like!

It’s as simple as opening a business channel using a brand account.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

The first and easiest step is to access the YouTube platform with a Google account as if you were entering email, but signing in to YouTube.

You do not have an account? Don’t worry! To create it, it will only be necessary to have an email, a telephone, and of course, a security password. Once these data are completed, you will have access to the YouTube account.

The second step, and possibly the most important and definitive, is the creation of the channel. For this, the user must use the upper right part of the platform.

In this part, there are tools that allow better visualization, such as the image or the logo that you want to publish.

In addition, you must choose a name for the channel. There are two possibilities, the first is to create a personal name, and the second is a business or corporate name. This depends on the specific needs of the channel owner.

Once you have followed the steps above, the YouTube channel will be ready to use!

Creating a YouTube channel is completely free, and also, if you do not have a Gmail account, it is also possible to create an account, you only have to enter the login page, in the “More options” section. And in this way the account is created.

Is it Possible to Set up a Second YouTube Channel

YouTube is a very dynamic platform, as it allows users to create several channels, according to the content they want to publish.

All you have to do is look for a list of channels and click on the option to create a new channel.

The best thing about having several channels is the possibility of customizing the channel, be it the design or the information that you want to leave visible to the public. This can generate a greater impact when it comes to views and engagement.

In addition, YouTube has an excellent option and that is to configure a channel for two people, this will not only allow you to share an account with someone else but also allows you to invite new users, within the same account.

Adding a second channel to your account. There are three very simple steps:

  • The first is to log in as the owner of the account, nothing different from what any user does;
  • Next, in the upper right corner, click Settings. It is also necessary to manage permissions, and for this, the “Account” option is selected in the “add or remove administrator” option;
  • Now there is only one step left. Authenticate with the username and password, enter using the email, and choose the option “Invite new users”

Having followed these steps, several people can now be integrated into the same channel, and all that remains is to select the desired function under their names.

It is logical to think that creating a YouTube channel or any other streaming platform and generating interaction with other people increases the desire to generate income or monetize what is done. And this is where many wonder:

How to Monetize a YouTube Channel

Of course, it is possible to make money creating videos on YouTube!

Until a few years ago there were many demands for a person to generate profits by creating content on YouTube.

There was a minimum number of subscribers that had to be reached to achieve this goal, as well as different requirements depending on the country in which they lived.

It was also necessary to follow the rules of the YouTube community, and although many people met the requirements, for others it was not so easy to meet them.

Currently, despite the fact that there are still minimum requirements to monetize a YouTube channel, they have decreased, and it is becoming easier for anyone, with a little effort and perseverance, to meet those minimum requirements.

For example, it is enough to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, to have 4,000 hours of viewing during the last year, not to violate YouTube’s rules, and to behave accordingly, which does not generate complaints from users.

It should be noted that the most important thing for the created ads to be shown and to earn money, is to create original content on a frequent basis, comply with the terms and conditions that YouTube requires, and have an audience that follows your videos and ads regularly.

It is easy to achieve, but it requires merit, perseverance, discipline, and respect for what is done.

What Are the Ways to Receive Payments on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is not the only way to generate income, there are many more, among them are:

  • Join the YouTube Partner Program;
  • Build a Blog to Compliment YouTube;
  • Create a Faceless YouTube Channel;
  • Create and Sell a Course;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Review Products or Software;
  • Work with Sponsorships;
  • Sell Services;
  • Sell Products with Live Streams;
  • License Viral Content to the Media;
  • Use Patreon with YouTube.

Develop a YouTube Monetization Strategy for Your Channel

Monetization strategy depends exclusively on the needs of users, the knowledge they have, and their interest in one or another option.

It usually happens that it is required to configure a YouTube channel for companies.

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Is This Possible?

To achieve this, it is desirable to create a commercial Google account, but it is not strictly necessary to do so, since it is also possible with a personal Google account.

The only difference is that many people choose to separate their personal accounts from the companies, to prevent the information received from being mixed, and ending up being a disaster.

After having the account, whether personal or business as mentioned above, log in to the Google Business account, look for the “My Channel” option, and here you configure the information that is needed, such as the name of the company, and specifications about it.

Once this is done, press the “Create” option and the company channel will have been configured!

This option is ideal to strengthen communication and interaction with the world for small and medium-sized companies that are looking for expansion and that are looking for new clients.

They are also ideal spaces to promote new products, and services, and to be in the wave that demands new technologies.

How to Set up a YouTube Channel For Gaming

To set up a YouTube gaming channel you must create a Google account. There are many options, it can be an old account or an existing one, you can even use another email address from another domain other than Gmail. The only important thing is to sign with any account on YouTube.

It will also be necessary to upload a photo that identifies you, to serve as a profile picture on YouTube. This should be a flat, front-facing photo taken professionally.

For a YouTube channel to be attractive to the eye, you need to try to find a nice game, in which you have mastery, or if you don’t have it, it can be an instructive game.

It is important that the design is striking, the content that is published attracts more and more people, and the only way to achieve it is with perseverance and commitment.

From one day to the next, a channel full of followers is not achieved, that is why perseverance and a strategy is the only way to achieve it.

And for the little ones at home, who are currently also integrated into new technologies and digital platforms. YouTube also offers an option for them and that is to set up a channel for children.

These channels can be supervised by responsible adults so that kids only have access to what is suitable for them. It is an excellent option, since many times children are alone at home, or their parents are looking for new ways to entertain them.

How to Set up a Private YouTube Channel For Children

As in all other ways of creating channels, it is necessary to have an email account, in this case, a Gmail account.

After following all the steps to authenticate or enter the account, on YouTube, you look for the option “Select my channel” and you can choose not to use real or full names, you can give yourself the name you want to take care of the privacy of the children if their parents so wish, or whoever is creating the channel.

The configuration of this channel can vary according to the needs of each user, since they are children, the videos can be public, private, or unlisted.

This depends solely on the security and privacy that you want to give to the channel.

How to Set up a YouTube Channel For Live Streaming

Another YouTube option is to set up a channel for live streaming, that is, to interact with many people from different parts of the world.

This option is ideal if what you want is to create closer ties of communication or simply create life habits where you want to share with others what you do on a daily basis, or a specific topic you want to talk about.

You must first have an active channel, having followed the steps mentioned above. Being an active user means that there is a storage of published content, be it videos, or playlists.

You need to complete “verification” to get a YouTube verification badge for your channel. And for this, you must provide the telephone number for the confirmation of the account.

After following the authentication steps, by means of a code that is sent to the number provided, additional functions are obtained to broadcast live, and this includes an increase in the time of the videos that are loaded.

How to Set up a YouTube Channel For a Church

Throughout this article, it has been proven that no matter who you want a channel for, the YouTube platform allows you to create channels for countless spheres of society, and churches are no exception.

These can transmit their Eucharist through a channel, as well as information of interest that they want for their parishioners.

The process is similar to the others, you must log in with the YouTube account, previously entering with the Gmail, then, in the “create channel” option, write the personalized name that you want to realize, it can be that of the church.

They must be added like the other forms of channels, a photo, a description of the channel and the link of the church, its website, and other information that is considered relevant. It’s easy, right?

Wrapping Up. How to Create a YouTube Channel

Since it is easy to create a channel for any person, company, or entity, with said channel formation it is possible to contribute to the fact that technology continues to increase, and it is increasingly easier to unite people, families, societies, regardless of the time or the place.