Many people all over the world create works of art with nothing more than a pencil, time, and experience.

Though not all of us have that time to practice such a talent.

That’s why the Internet came up with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Now anyone can make beautiful designs with a click of a button!

Okay, maybe a few clicks, but you get the point. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can start making money with Adobe Photoshop.

There are a bunch of ways to make money online with Photoshop, if you know where to look.

The best route to take is through affiliate marketing. However, there are other options you can include to diversify your income.

You might not be a Picasso, but through Photoshop, you can design your way to your dream income.

Everyone deserves a shot at securing their future.

Plus, there are endless opportunities online for publishers to choose from. Keep reading to see how you can use Photoshop to your advantage!

What is Adobe Photoshop?

While you might not believe it, Adobe Photoshop was first created in 1990—that’s over 30 years ago! This magnificent app has lasted so long because of the unique features it offers.

While Photoshop may be classified as a simple photo editing program, there’s so much more you can do:

  • Manipulate photos, graphics, and illustrations;
  • Video and 3D model editing;
  • Restore and retouch images;
  • Make photorealistic artwork;
  • Work with virtual reality content creation software.

The most common use of Adobe Photoshop includes editing pre-existing photos and videos. You can make simple changes through color-filter overlays. Or you can completely change the colors, shape, and size of objects.

Many publishers and artists use Photoshop to restore photos taken with older cameras. Photoshop can perfectly restore photos from 100 years ago.

Photos that are broken or missing a piece can be filled in with the help of a Photoshop expert. And let’s not forget about the personal touch-ups people need Photoshop for. Every model would look ten times worse if it wasn’t for Photoshop.

Photoshop allows you to create your own artwork from scratch. Photoshop allows for extremely detailed work, which artists use to create hyper-realistic drawings. You can, however, create simple illustrations!

One of the best features of Photoshop includes 3D modeling and virtual reality. You can easily manipulate and edit any 3D model. As well as you can connect to virtual reality software and create an entire world for people to explore. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Photoshop!

Affiliate Marketing

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing before, you’re missing out. Affiliate marketing is the best, yet most simple, way to make money online with Photoshop. If you really want to make money with Photoshop, you should partner with an affiliate program now.

Before you try to find an affiliate yourself, take a moment to look at the Admitad Partner Network. This is a great tool to jumpstart your affiliate marketing career while promoting Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Stock and Adobe Document Cloud, all in one place!

The Admitad Partner Network allows publishers to connect with advertisers worldwide. And not just any advertisers, but the big-name brands that will actually make you money!

Affiliate links are the most important thing an affiliate marketer requires. Normally, the affiliate network will provide links directly to the publisher. There are two types of affiliate links you’ll come across, namely:

  • Standard links;
  • Deep links.

A standard link takes a user to the affiliate’s main website page. A deep link takes a user directly to a product or content page. These links are like gold to affiliate marketers.

An affiliate marketer makes money off of people who interact with these links. The more places that you advertise these links, the more traffic you create for your advertiser.

The best part of affiliate links is that they are unique to each publisher. That means no one can steal your link and take your potential income. If someone else uses your link, you’ll still be paid as the link will be tracked back to you!

Don’t waste time getting affiliate links directly from an advertiser. Rather, use the Admitad Partner Network, which takes care of it for you. Admitad allows you to generate all of your affiliate links from a single interface.

The less time you spend acquiring affiliate links, the more time you have to advertise.

How to Make Money with Adobe Photoshop

Anyone can learn how to make money with Photoshop if they know how to use the program properly. The real key to making money from Photoshop is practice. If you haven’t ever used Photoshop before, it’s okay.

There are so many Photoshop experts offering free lessons online. Take the time to research some proper courses. Even if you have to pay for one initially, it’s worth it in the long run!

Once your skills are polished, you’re ready to start making money with Photoshop. The only thing now is figuring out where to place it.

That’s why most publishers start with affiliate marketing. It’s a quick and easy way to find a theme for your Photoshop illustrations. Whatever you create, you can center it around your affiliate links!

The below options are a variety of ways to make money with Photoshop using your affiliate links. Though each option can be used separately if you’re still setting up your affiliate profile.

Create Advertisements

For those questioning how to make money using Photoshop, take a look at some popular ads. Especially advertisements designed with Photoshop. This will give you a great idea of where to start. Especially if you already have some affiliates lined up.

An affiliate network will provide affiliate links for you to advertise. However, they can also ask you to generate other user interactions, too. Such as convincing viewers to sign up for emails or buy a premium subscription.

It’s vital to incorporate these elements wherever you can. Make sure to customize each affiliate’s advertisements to suit their niche and style. Your advertisements reflect the brand you’re selling. If your grammar is off or your color scheme is too loud, you’ll end up chasing customers away.

There are a few online tools you can use that shorten long URLs into easily copied links. That way, people can type out the shortened link, and it will redirect them to the affiliate page! Make sure that it’s as easy as possible to click through on your affiliate links.

Most advertisements are posted through social media networks. Wherever you post, make sure to monetize all your efforts. Firstly, activate any built-in monetization methods on the site you’re using. Second, join ConvertSocial to further monetize any network in a given instance. ConvertSocial supports popular social media networks and messaging apps, such as:


Design Website Layouts

Those who know how to make money with Photoshop by making website designs are set for life. So many people want to build a website but have no idea how to do it themselves. If you can design some beautiful mockup websites, you’ll get noticed quickly.

You can start out by selling website template designs to certain websites, like:

  • Mojo Marketplace;
  • 99designs;
  • Template Monster;
  • Codester.

These websites will either pay for the rights to your template or they will display it. Through the display option, you will be paid each time someone purchases your design. If you sell the rights to your template, you can’t sell it anywhere else. So if you’re attached to a certain design, keep the rights to yourself!

Once you’ve built up some momentum, you can approach companies and offer your design services. You might even be approached yourself if your designs are good enough!

You can also incorporate Adobe affiliate links into your templates. You can design your mockup templates using your affiliate products and themes. This is a form of passive income through affiliate links.

The main source of income comes from selling the entire template. The passive income comes from clicks on the links when viewers are testing the template.

Photoshop Tutorials

Another great option for publishers is to make money with Photoshop tutorials. When you know how to use Photoshop yourself, you can easily teach others. There are a few ways you can provide Photoshop help, namely:

  • Video tutorials;
  • Photoshop courses (online or in person);
  • Direct tutoring.

Video tutorials are the easiest, as you can simply upload posts to any social media network. As long as they allow for video lengths sufficient for the tutorials you make!

YouTube is the most common site for providing tutorials. Plus, you can advertise your affiliate links all over your channel and videos.

A Photoshop course is a bit more complex. You’ll need to compile a course for people to complete and provide a certification. There are even more steps if you want to internationally certify your Photoshop course. But once you’ve got the course, you can sell it online as a whole or teach it personally.

Direct tutoring is a great way to make money teaching Photoshop. You can easily define your hours and schedule when tutoring. You can make your lessons as long as you’d like. You can reject or accept anyone who wants tutoring. It’s completely up to you!

Even if you only have a beginner’s understanding of Photoshop, there are many who need beginner videos. Then, once you’ve progressed, you can offer more advanced classes and courses.

Sell Graphics, Stock Images, and Fonts

The best ways to make money with Photoshop include the following:

  • Selling graphics and stock images;
  • Creating fonts;
  • Virtual reality.

Let’s start with selling graphics. Besides advertisements, there are many types of illustrations you can design within Photoshop. You can create graphic sets to sell online or create requested illustrations.

You can even build and edit 3D models for customers. 3D models are always in high demand!

You can also go into stock imagery. If you’ve got a decent camera and Photoshop, you can easily sell stock images. Take your camera and go around your entire city. Take photos of anything and everything.

Photos you take personally have no copyright and can be sold much easier. Any color edits or touch-ups can then be done inside Photoshop. This ensures your images stand out above everyone else’s. Make sure your work is as unique as possible!

Let’s not forget about the amazing fonts you can design with Photoshop. Many popular fonts have become expensive, so unique fonts are in high demand. You can even take it a step further and animate your fonts.

Connecting Photoshop to animation software like Adobe After Effects is very beneficial. You can earn a decent living by creating personalized 3D animations.

Lastly, there’s virtual reality creation. This is an up-and-coming innovation for the future. VR has made slow progress, but we’re at a point where we can start creating our own worlds.

Because VR work is still relatively new, you can earn significantly more money.


So many people want to know how to make money online using Photoshop. Though, if you really want to know how to make money from Photoshop, you have to question how much effort you put in. The real question is not about making money but about improving your skills so that you can make money more easily.

Photoshop is definitely no walk in the park. Many people have excelled in Photoshop for years now. It is a difficult task to become one of the best Photoshoppers. But any amount of Photoshop skill can come in handy. As long as you’re willing to keep practicing, you can always make money from Photoshop.

Though the best Photoshoppers aren’t focused on purely making money. The real experts are so in love with the program that they can’t help but succeed in their efforts. It’s no longer work when you enjoy what you are doing in Photoshop!

Make sure that wherever you’re putting your Photoshop efforts, you’ll enjoy it for months on end. Advertising, design, and affiliate marketing require consistency. If you don’t put in the effort every month, your total income drops.

But if you work hard every day, you’ll soon get to where you want to be!