Founded in 2008, SHEIN is a world-renowned Chinese online fashion, and beauty retailer, which boasts an extensive catalog of products for men, women, and kids at very affordable prices.

SHEIN (pronounced “She In”) collaborates with different manufacturers and this fact makes it a lucrative platform for everyone looking for ways to make money online.

The company ships to over 220 countries across the globe and runs websites supporting the United States, Spain, France, the Middle East, and many other regions. At the same time, the bulk of factories and warehouses that collaborate with SHEIN are situated in China.

SHEIN offers convenient and familiar ways of online shopping. From scrolling through the website to the check out procedure, the website offers amazing online shopping experiences.

Customers can review their shopping cart at any moment and end their online-shopping journey at the secure checkout portal.

If you want to make money with SHEIN and join influencers who already promote its products across a variety of social channels, keep scrolling.

To save you time, below you will find a list of ideas and details about how to make money selling clothes (even if you don’t own them).

All you need to do is set aside some time to read through the post, and you’ll be eager to create your own business by selling SHEIN clothes to your followers and readers to generate an extra monthly income

Can I Actually Make Money Selling SHEIN Clothing?

Briefly, yes you can make money selling clothing with SHEIN but there’s a catch.

If you are planning on reselling SHEIN clothing as a side-hustle it won’t take much time and will ensure you have an extra income at the end of the month.

However, you still have to decide on the business model that works best for you: buy to resell or be a middleman.

How Does SHEIN Make Money?

SHEIN business model is based on bulk purchasing and then selling clothing for a profit to customers across the globe.

At the same time, the company churns out new designs at a much greater pace than traditional retailers like Pull&Bear or Zara.

SHEIN processes and analyzes an enormous amount of data from Google Trends, social media platforms, and monitors its competitors’ websites, to figure out what’s currently trending.

Once it is done, their design team translates that data into trendy clothing.

They also take advantage of their in-house software that enables SHEIN to send translated insights to their manufacturing partners essentially in real-time.

To make the selling process even more convenient each supplier that works with SHEIN has its own account on the internal platform from which they can check sales reports, stock levels, and even bid for apparel production.

Deep supplier relationships enable SHEIN to churn out new designs really quickly. Even their direct competitors such as Verishop still need a few weeks to do the same.

Furthermore, SHEIN can place much smaller bids. The company normally only produces around 100 units while even ultra-fast fashion retailers like Romwe have to order between 300 to 500 items.

The next stage is testing. SHEIN analyses design performance by using their online storefront, and, once the test is deemed successful, is then rolled out to a larger set of customers. For that reason, its short lead times allow the company to test over one thousand new products every day.

Since SHEIN started out as a dropshipping company, they can ship directly from the factory to the consumer. By doing this, they can avoid paying hefty customs fees. This also results in substantially longer delivery times.

Buy to Resell At a Premium

This business model implies that you have enough money to acquire a good stock of garments from the store and then resell it among your friends or relatives or online.

This way, you will have the advantage of creating a customized business. It will enable you to choose the style or genre you want to resell.

From a large SHEIN catalog, pick options you like the most: for example, you can sell exclusively jeans or casual t-shirts.

However, you must carefully calculate the ROI, as well as money you spent on the product and add a percentage so that the sale generates revenue.

As your business continues to grow you can start offering additional services such as new payment facilities, gift bags, birthday cards or home delivery and thus charge a higher percentage.

One of the main disadvantages of this method is that you will most likely have the garments ready before you know what customers prefer. This limits your offer by only customers who are interested in buying specific products you sell.

Being a Middleman Selling At Page Prices

Another way to make money with SHEIN is to become a middleman between the retailer and customers.

There are still people who are reluctant to provide their bank details or simply don’t want to buy online. You can help people by doing the process for them and to succeed you will have to show yourself as such.

The thing to remember is that word-of-mouth is even more effective than paid ads, so you can generate five times more sales with this type of marketing.

The main feature of being a middleman is that you collect the orders, make the purchase on the platform and once you receive the products, you will be responsible for delivering them to each customer.

With this modality, you generate revenue by purchasing a group of products in bulk or, by charging your customers a commission for each purchase you make.

The main thing to keep in mind is competition, so don’t be too greedy when setting a commission.

The best part about being a middleman is that you can start with low investment. Moreover, you can ask your customers for half of the purchase amount before placing the order and then the rest upon delivery.

How To Collaborate With SHEIN

If you want to make money with SHEIN, then you must clearly visualize what kind of sale you are looking for.

The fashion retailer does not guarantee sales in any way, except for their discounts and programs. That is why you should know the best ways to collaborate with SHEIN if you want to secure a profit.

Here’s how you can partner with SHEIN:

Become a SHEIN Influencer

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, content creator or makeup lover, you can join the SHEIN influencer program.

By dropping them a line with a few words about yourself you’ll be able to join their #SHEINgal family to show off your favorite SHEIN looks on Instagram and YouTube. The brand will provide free clothes that are worth US $50 to US $250.

If this is something you’re into, check the basic influencer requirements that will help you to collaborate with SHEIN:

  • Make sure you have at least 1000 followers on Bloglovin or Google Friend, and have at least 5,000 followers with one of your social media accounts;
  • Next, you should put SHEIN Promotion Icon (which links to their home page) on the frontpage of your blog;
  • After becoming a fashion expert, they encourage bloggers to share their thoughts on SHEIN clothing. To put it another way, you should promote SHEIN clothes on your social media networks. Share photos of clothes you get from SHEIN with links to their products in your social media posts;
  • Inform SHEIN about your posts by sending them an email;
  • Keep in mind, SHEIN reserves the right to use your social media posts information. They can share your content and use comments under your posts. Luckily, you don’t like this idea, you can always drop them a line in advance.


Join an Affiliate Program

While SHEIN has its own affiliate program, there are a number of affiliate networks that make the process of making money online easier and more convenient.

For example, applying to join an affiliate program within Admitad is straightforward, you just search for the brand and then click the join button. Support team will review your application, and then let you know within 24 or 48 hours whether you have been approved or denied.

In addition, Partner Network from Admitad can be a great option because they have many other brands just like SHEIN, that you can promote.

This way to make money with SHEIN is useful if you have a blog and post fashion articles, or you don’t want to go deeper into details about SHEIN dropshipping.

How To Make Money With SHEIN. Alternative Ways

Now let’s take a look at some alternative ways to increase your profit margin by selling SHEIN clothing.

1. Coupons and Discount Codes

Using coupons and discount codes is a great way to save money on orders you place on SHEIN. Here’re a few ways how you can do it:

  • To start with, you need to place your first order and get discounts;
  • If you’re a new user, you can subscribe to the newsletter to get a coupon or free shipping;
  • Consider visiting their website regularly to grab an attractive discounts;
  • Take a look at similar websites where you can potentially find coupons and promotions;
  • Just google for the discount you need.

Keep in mind that coupons and discount codes you find on other websites may not be applicable to SHEIN.

2. Free Shipping

When your order exceeds US $49, SHEIN will offer you free shipping. Free express shipping is available for customers if their order exceeds US $159. To take advantage of free shipping, you may want to check their website on a daily basis.

3. Gift Cards

This is a smart way to save money with SHEIN because gift cards will cost you less money than their actual value. In other words, a US $100 gift card will cost you US $90.

4. Points

The fashion retailer also has a points system that will allow you to deduct up to 70% of the total amount of products when placing an order.

To earn points you can also post comments or upload images about the products you have received. 100 points are worth US 1 dollar and you can add up to 2000 points daily.

Top Tips For Making Money With SHEIN

Here’s a list of tips that will make the process of running a business with SHEIN easier, whatever the modality you choose:

Selling at Page Price

As with any other business, you need clients to get the job done. Encourage your friends and relatives to spread the word about your business to get maximum exposure when you just starting out.

Harness the power of social media to market products and get your next sales promotion noticed.

Don’t forget about earning points and discount coupons. With these little tolls you will be able obtain greater profits merely by paying less.

Decide on the Payment Method

Let your customers know what are their payment options and if there is a fee for the service you provide.

Start Placing Orders on SHEIN

To do this you need customers willing to work with you. a good rule of thumb is to place three or four monthly orders so that you have time to organize yourself.

The Last Step is to Ship Products

As soon as you receive orders, you must send products to each and every owner. Keep in mind that if you want to attract and keep repeat customers, making home deliveries can guarantee just that.

Sale With Extra Cost (Reseller)

Create Your First Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, then purchasing between 10 and 20 garments is something to start with. In this case, you will only spend around US $100 to $200 and you will have a good number of products to start selling. Consider using your credit card to improve your liquidity ratio.

Like with the previous modality, you’ll have to decide on the payment method. Let you customers know which payment methods you accept – whether it is cash, transfers, PayPal, debit or credit cards.

Resell With a Target Audience in Mind

While there are a lot of selling niches in the fashion industry, choosing a specific one will help you attract and retain your target audience that will be ready to buy from you.

Advertise Your Business

If you haven’t already, create an account on Instagram to market your products or find another social media your target audience prefers.

Place An Order

When it comes to selling garments, placing the order through SHEIN is your best bet. If you’re ready to invest some dollars, take into account the sizes and models that can attract customers.

A quick note here – you don’t have to invest money when partnering with Admitad.

Make Your Photos Look Professional

Even if you take photos of clothing at home, show them with good lighting from different angles to make them more attractive. This will spark your customers’ desire to buy your product.

Ship an Order

Once the products arrive, send the orders to your customers in custom bags, with cards and your own stamp. Next, receive the money for each order.

Register Your Small Business

Although you can start reselling clothing without registering, it is better to set up a business to legally declare profits and consolidate medium or long term your entrepreneurship.

Wrapping Up. How to Make Money With SHEIN

If you are an avid fashion lover and you’re into the latest trends, then you should really try your hand at making money with your content.

Partner Network from Admitad offers the easiest and fastest way to begin with marketing products from SHEIN. Generate your link now and start promoting it on your social media.