Publishers all around the world are realizing that viewers will find a way to bypass ads. The introduction of ad blockers is great for viewers but lowers a publisher’s income. This is why publishers are flocking to commerce content over display ads. The only question is: how do you actually make the best digital commerce content?

A publisher’s worst mistake is prioritizing making money over helping viewers. We are speeding past the generations of gullible audiences. The Internet has allowed access to a vast collection of knowledge. Especially around scams and security. Even our grandparents know that you shouldn’t give your credit card information to strangers.

As a result, publishers suffer the consequences. Everyone is too cautious when buying products online. We can’t blame them, though.

How many stores sell products that look nothing like their photos once you get them?

That’s why the trust of your customers makes the biggest difference in your sales. Ecommerce content gives you a chance to be transparent with viewers.

What is Commerce Content?

It’s beautiful when brands and publishers create interesting shopping experiences together. Both parties mutually benefit from this exchange. The brand receives advertisements and third-party sales through the publishers’ platforms. While the publishers are compensated for each view or click on an advertisement.

However, publishers can receive more if a viewer actually buys a product.

It’s a delicate skill to master content and commerce integration. It already takes effort to grab your audience’s attention through simple content writing. It’s another story to ensure that the content persuades viewers to buy something too.

Affiliate commerce content is where affiliate marketing and content creation meet. Publishers that know how to persuade viewers need products to advertise. Thus, affiliate content was born. A company or brand can now easily team up with media to raise both their reputations.

However, since the Internet started, the rules have been revised too many times. What used to work 20 years ago no longer applies today. Viewers no longer stick to the same content. They jump from the newest trend to the most outrageous celebrity story and back again. Publishers need to up their game if they want to keep their salary the same each month.

What’s Your Point?

Content-driven commerce attracts sales more than anything else. Yes, people do want to buy as many products as they can. But they also want products and content that add value to their lives. Viewer sales only drop when you implement poor e-commerce content strategies.

When it comes to content writing and creation, your main focus should be to show your audience that:

  • Your content is worth buying over other competitors’ content;
  • Your product fulfills the function it’s made for;
  • You care about presentation and loading time;
  • You’re in it for more than the money;
  • Your content is verified and honest;
  • You value your customer relationships.

E-commerce websites make their mark by displaying their Unique Selling Points (USPs).

Whether you’re selling teacups or marketing tips, there are many ways that you can present them.

The way you market products should convince any viewer to come back for more. Make sure your audience knows exactly what they’d miss out on if they bought from somewhere else!

The niche you’ve chosen can make it difficult to figure out what’s special about your commerce content. Sometimes the only thing that’s special is that viewers seem to love it regardless. Whatever you find that grabs your target audience’s attention, run with it.

There’s a fine line between finding new ways to present products and keeping the content the same. If you repeat yourself, you’ll lose traction. If you’re too unpredictable, there’s nothing stable for viewers to rely on.

Writing Your Wrongs

The world of affiliate marketing relies on shoving your products in customers’ faces. But we never speak about the products’ downsides. Publishers are scared to attach negative feedback to a product. Many try to sneakily make their cons sound like pros.

For example, a con that states the product only comes in black or white. The truth is that a black or white product still works. They haven’t mentioned an actual issue that exists with the product. A more truthful con would state that the color fades quickly. The difference is very clear.

While content writing lets you sell products fast, sometimes publishers neglect honest feedback and quality to do so. A publisher focused on immediate sales loses out on years of loyal customers. However, a publisher who risks telling the truth will gain more traction in the long run. Wouldn’t you prefer buying from a place you can trust? Even if it’s a smaller business than its competitors?

You don’t have to be a content specialist to create ads with an equal amount of helpful details and honest reviews. You just have to put in more effort when you start out.

Yes, it’s unavoidable that when you show the negatives of a product, fewer people will buy it. That’s why the product’s ability to fulfill its function is so important.

Whatever you are marketing, research the product yourself. If you can understand its purpose and see how easily people use it, you’ll write about the product better.

Online E-Commerce Stores

E-commerce stores can no longer rely on the safety of buying ad space. Most publishers must work twice as hard to bring in the same amount from display ads that they used to.

We don’t want to blame adblockers. Adblockers have saved users from 20 pop-up ads that take forever to close. But as a publisher, there’s some resentment towards innovation. The best alternative ways to market your commerce content are through:

A product review is one page that contains vital information about a product. The main specifications and product images are most commonly included. Next, there can be a list of advantages and disadvantages. Followed by a bunch of reviews from real customers.

A product review lets you advertise products and add affiliate links wherever possible.

The popularity of roundup reviews has increased in the last few years. A roundup review is a list of the top products within a certain category. All products will have at least one aspect from a simple product review. Like its specifications or reviews. This is a great way to advertise many affiliate products at once. Provided they’re in the same or complementary categories!

A product comparison is a limited roundup review. A comparison pins two specific products against each other to see which is best.

The best way to make a customer want to buy a product is by attaching a tutorial for the product. The quality of the video itself and the background have a subconscious effect on people.

If the product is shown in HD and surrounded by luxury, viewers will be more attracted to the product. This is also a great chance to show what the product looks like and its actual size. Many product photos can create unrealistic expectations in their customers.

Digital Content Marketing

The prevailing form of commerce content is affiliate marketing.

If your goal is content and commerce integration, affiliate marketers have it down pat.

Affiliate marketing has the same concept as commerce content.

An affiliate company teams up with an advertiser to create eye-catching content. This type of partnership can drive sales through the roof.

The company joins a partner network that provides special referral links to the publisher. These link back to product pages on the affiliate’s commerce website.

The publisher can use these links throughout any of their articles or videos. Each time a viewer clicks on the link and purchases a product, the publisher is compensated.

The job of finding a relevant brand can take up necessary time. From advertisers who ship physical products to those who offer downloadable content you can buy now. There is a sea of advertisers that you’ll need to swim through.

That’s why you need to find your advertisers through a middleman, like Admitad Partner Network.

Admitad is a platform that connects publishers with advertisers. Admitad makes sure to connect publishers to the best advertisers on the market.

If you’re looking to partner with big brands, Admitad Partner Network gives you a chance to market for:


Follow the Yellow-Bricked Trends

You’ve been told this over and over, but your content needs to align with seasonal and global trends. These factors play a vital role in how you can form your commerce content going forward:

  • Smartphones;
  • Boredom and overstimulation;
  • Younger generations;
  • Aesthetics.

Currently, most bought products come from the rising content development in mobile commerce. From as young as four all the way to the baby boomers, almost everyone uses phones more than laptops.

Whatever your content is, show your viewers you care through great mobile compatibility. If you can turn your platform into an easy-to-navigate app, you’re golden!

When you browse online, you’re exposed to thousands of visual flashes throughout the day.

The over-stimulation of your optic nerve and brain creates a sense of numbness.

As your body heals, the stimulation you receive no longer has the same effect on you. A simple but funny video becomes boring in your eyes.

Younger generations are growing up with constant interaction. Therefore, digital content must become more and more extreme to keep their attention.

The other issue is that Gen Z and Gen X have placed enormous focus on aesthetics over purpose.

While products you market should always have a useful function, they also need to be pleasant to look at.

There are new trends gaining popularity every day. If you don’t catch up, your content will become outdated. It’s best to consistently post a single piece of relevant content. There’s no point in posting outdated articles months after the drama has died down!

The More the Merrier

Partner with as many influencers as you can.

Market yourself on every available social media network.

Reach out to all your viewers and let them know you’re there.

The more platforms that your products seep into, the better your sales will be!

The best ways to collaborate with influencers and brands on commerce content are:

  • Influencer gifting;
  • Guest blogging;
  • Guest posts;
  • Account takeovers;
  • Cross-promotion.

Influencers have an uncanny ability to persuade viewers into buying any product they advertise.

It seems illogical to waste such a good opportunity.

This is because an influencer has already put in the hard work to gain their followers’ trust.

Though, a collaboration is also useful to the influencer who needs new content for their audience.

Most collaborative efforts occur on a social media network. While many offer built-in monetization methods, little revenue can be reaped from them.

Most platforms have certain requirements before you can even monetize your content. Such as needing a high number of views or subscribers first.

That’s why you should use other platforms that let you further monetize your content. ConvertSocial is a tool that opens up monetization within popular social media networks, such as:

A collaboration should be used to show your emotions. As most online consumers prefer video content, you can easily reveal the face behind the products. Your audience wants to know where their information is coming from. As well as why that person decided to make it in the first place!

Take Care of Customers

The best advice anyone can give you when it comes to commerce content creation is this. Selling really has nothing to do with selling. It has everything to do with helping customers live better. The ability to decipher between quality goods and scams has become commonplace. While you might get away with lying at first, all your hard work will come crashing down eventually.

You must honor quality above all else if you truly want to make money. You can make more money than you need today. You can secure your entire future if you build it up properly. And the people who will be responsible for your wealth are your viewers. That’s why you should be grateful for anyone who uses their time to help you make a living!

Your customers have the power to bring in a hundred more viewers, or scare away millions with a bad review. Rather, take the time to sort out any issue a customer brings up. Regardless of how silly or entitled they may seem. At least other customers will see that you tried to make amends. Besides, it’s not worth being right if you can’t make any money.

The Bottom Line

Digital and commerce content is ever-changing. It’s up to you as a publisher to keep up, or get out of the way of those willing to go the extra mile. You’ve got to convince a global audience that your product is as unique as a snowflake. That no one else compares to what you can offer. If you can’t say that about your content, then you need to work harder.

The e-commerce market is competitive. Commerce content is definitely not meant for the faint of heart. But once you’ve caught your breath and the income starts rolling in, it’ll be worth all the effort. And don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to perfect the art of commerce content creation!