As the importance of visual aesthetics increases, businesses and publishers alike can’t afford ignoring the beautiful designs. If it isn’t easy on the eyes, no one wants to see it. It needs color, it must have meaning, and it should grab anyone’s attention. That’s why platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have surfaced. These sites focus purely on images, videos, and gifs. In addition to the standard comment and messaging tools.

For users, these types of platforms are perfect for presenting their lives to others. For publishers, it’s an expressway to better traffic flow. As few businesses properly use social media as a tool, most Pinterest users are potential customers. That means individual publishers can make money on Pinterest by adding pins without competing with a million other large brands.

However, that’s all easier said than done. You might be at a loss while making money on Pinterest. The audience could be different from what you’re used to. You may have no idea where to start creating content for these users. But don’t worry—keep reading to find a sure-fire way for you to make money on Pinterest!

What Is Pinterest? How Does It Work?

Pinterest is a social network that, just like every other social media network, works by creating a community. Each user has an account where they can post their contents by creating a community.

Each user has an account where they can post their content. You can either follow your favorite accounts, which will notify you of every new post. Or you can friend other accounts and start messaging them instantly.

The unique part of Pinterest is the “pinning” feature. That’s where the network gets its name. You pin an image that you have an interest in, so you can share or view it at a later point.

Most pins link back to a website or other source, which makes it a great tool for publishers. Pinterest could easily be compared to a large referral network.

Pinterest creates a variety of benefits for both publishers and businesses:

  • Pinterest boards (unique collections of pins);
  • A vast and diverse audience;
  • Potential collaboration opportunities;
  • Extremely high user engagement.

Pinterest has been around since 2010 and has over 433 million active users by 2022. In just 12 years, Pinterest managed to pull itself up to Facebook and Twitter standards. As a publisher, it would be a waste to miss out on such a large pool of potential buyers.

That’s why publishers need to board the Pinterest train before it’s too late. Most social media networks are flooded with bots and businesses trying to advertise.

Pinterest has an untouched goldmine of users that publishers are unsure how to access. The discovery of this goldmine leads to the following question: can you actually make money using Pinterest?

Can You Make Money on Pinterest?

Whether you’re advertising for other brands or promoting your own content, you’ll consider Pinterest as an option at some point. Regardless of whether it’s on WhatsApp or Instagram, advertise yourself in as many places as possible. That includes Pinterest. If you’re used to Instagram marketing, you’ll do better. But if you’re used to written content, you’re going to have to change things up!

Once you’ve decided that it should be an advertising option, you’ll see how easy it is to make money on Pinterest. Whether you want to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links or even make money on Pinterest without a website. Anything is possible. As long as you know what the different options are.

So don’t ask if you can make money on Pinterest; rather, question the effort you’re willing to put in. You can make money off of any social media network if you try hard enough. You just need to know where and what to dedicate your time to.

Whether you want to sell products or content. Whether you have affiliates to market for or just want to build a large audience. Or even if you just want to make some extra money. Pinterest is a great place to start your advertising efforts! Check out the below routes to reaching your desired income goals.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

It doesn’t matter which of the following options you choose when it comes to making money on Pinterest. As long as you keep putting consistent effort into any of these, you can make a ton of passive income. Eventually it will turn into active income when you build up a big enough audience!

Pinterest doesn’t offer any built-in monetization methods. Although they have recently allowed users to link to a product within a pin. This is a great option for publishers to earn money, along with one of the below ways to make money on Pinterest:

When you want to make money every time someone repins on your Pinterest account, you need to focus on communication. Any interactions with users should help grow your business and sales.

Listen to any feedback and advice you get that could improve your traffic. While it might be annoying to listen to complaints, it’s the best way to make the most money.

1. How to Use Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

As a publisher, you should implement affiliate marketing on every platform you can. This is the best way to make money online, whether you want active or passive income. Especially if you’re aiming for the big bucks!

Affiliate marketing is a simple exchange between publishers and affiliates. An affiliate is a brand, business, or other publisher that requires advertising. The affiliates then pay their respective publishers for each user interaction they accumulate. These user interactions can cover a range of actions, such as:

  • Clicking through on ads;
  • Buying a product or membership;
  • Signing up for email notifications;
  • Subscribing to the affiliate website.

If you want to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing, you need to find the right affiliate. It is no secret that finding one can be a hassle! That’s why you should rather use the Admitad Partner Network.

This is a great tool to help you find a complementary affiliate for your niche. You can partner with affiliates who offer content or products you’d enjoy advertising.

In addition, Admitad monitors all publisher and affiliate interactions. Allowing you to track progress, go back in history, and mediate pleasant communications.

Affiliate marketing necessitates months of hard work. As long as you still want an income, you’ll need to keep putting in the effort. Each month, trends change and new users emerge.

While you can turn affiliate marketing into a side hustle, it can also be your full-time job, since to succeed you need to keep up with the unexpected challenges. You need to constantly adjust your approach and content if you want to make money on Pinterest using affiliate links.

2. Become an Influencer

If you’re interested in knowing how to make money from posts on Pinterest, you should try influencing. Influencers are those magical content creators you’ll find on every platform. You know, the ones that manage to convince just about anyone to buy some random item. They’ll tell you a story that somehow makes the product they’re selling seem like the perfect solution.

However, becoming an influencer takes a certain level of social skills. Plus actual content to advertise. You first need to confidently show that you’re the right person for the job.

If you think you’re convincing enough, you can pick a brand from the catalog.

Once that’s in place, you now have to persuade your target audience. Up until this point, there have already been two different layers of social interaction. Aside from that, if you want to be an influencer, you must communicate with users on a daily basis!

If it isn’t obvious already, influencing requires intense customer care. You’ll need to respond to every comment, whether it’s positive or negative. Take in all the feedback you can and show your viewers that you care about their opinion.

If you want to make money on Pinterest as an influencer, you need strong user relationships. Particularly returning users. You want to earn an income every month, right?

Most importantly, you need to post consistently. The best influencers upload multiple posts every day. Start off by making sure there’s a new post every week. Then bring it down to every three days. Keep going until you become a content-creating machine that spits out two posts a day!

However, when it comes to making money on Pinterest, you will need to post from 5-15 pins per day to see results.

3. Collaborations and Sponsorships

Publishers often look to businesses for inspiration when advertising. Many might ask at this point: how can a business make money on Pinterest? Well, they definitely don’t do it alone.

Everyone needs help from time to time.

Considering the onslaught that arises from posting online, it’s good to have others to lean on. That’s why most businesses collaborate with and sponsor publishers and influencers.

A collaboration is a partnership that produces combined content. Collaborations are typically formed by two parties at the same level or niche. These parties blend their skills and expertise to create better posts. Both creators will post to their respective accounts, doubling the potential traffic.

Publishers can approach influencers or businesses for collaborations. Be direct and show the benefit of partnering with a publisher like yourself. This usually works better if you have a portfolio or audience to use as leverage. However, you might not need it if you’re persuasive enough!

A sponsorship differs slightly. Most sponsors provide specific content for the publisher to advertise. These advertisements don’t have any reference to the actual publisher. Although, in some circumstances, the publisher can create personal reviews for the sponsor’s products.

With a sponsorship, you’ll really need to convince the sponsor that you’re worth partnering with. You will need a large enough audience to increase your sponsors’ traffic flow.

Otherwise, it’s pointless to partner with you. If you’re lucky, a sponsor may approach you when they see your account or number of followers.

4. Create an Online Store

Online stores have become a saving grace for publishers all around the world. You can buy a ton of stock and sell it one-by-one, creating a steady income flow. Or you could even make money on Pinterest without selling items. Well, without selling them directly. It’s a cool method called dropshipping.

Dropshipping completely cuts out the “buying inventory” stage of an online store.

If you’ve got the initial money, you could buy products directly from manufacturers at cost-price. This way, you can make the most profit out of your sales. Remember, some of the money you’ll be paid needs to be used for storing stock and shipping.

All of this can be a huge hassle, which is why most publishers have opted for the dropshipping method or affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping is an awesome way to have an online store. Especially when you don’t want to actually sell anything yourself. You don’t need to worry about keeping stock in your inventory or shipping. All you need to do is advertise the products that you’re interested in selling.

The customers’ payments can be used to buy the products from the manufacturer. You can also supply the manufacturer with the customer’s shipping details. The manufacturer then takes care of everything for you.

Dropshipping is one of the most effective ways to make money on Pinterest, as it’s the best way to display product images. Each pin can have a group of product images and can link back to the product page. Dropshipping also works hand-in-hand with affiliate marketing!

5. Advertising, Promoting, and Sharing

The last key to making money on Pinterest should be used in conjunction with any of the other methods. That is, cross-platform advertising.

Many publishers make the mistake of limiting themselves to a single platform. Regardless of if it’s Discord, Twitter, or Facebook, one platform can only get you so far. That’s why you need to incorporate every platform you could think of, including:

  • Any and every social media network;
  • Your website or ecommerce store;
  • Your online blogs;
  • Email listings;
  • Word of mouth.

Influencers and publishers alike both use specific post formats to gain traction. Most users respond well to these types of posts:

  • Single or roundup reviews;
  • Collaborative posts;
  • Competitions;
  • Giveaways;
  • How-to videos and tutorials;
  • Viral content (unique or non-promotional).

Whenever you post to a social media network, make sure to monetize all your content. Many popular sites, like YouTube, have built-in monetization options.

This means you’ll need to reach a certain number of views or subscribers before your account can make money. If you want to skip the waiting period, you could join ConvertSocial content monetization platform.

ConvertSocial lets you monetize any platform immediately. From your favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. To professional sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. ConvertSocial gives publishers a chance to advertise for large companies like:

Yes, advertising on multiple platforms greatly increases your traffic. But many publishers use this as an excuse to neglect their viewers. Each platform requires a different approach. Each social media network is constantly changing in response to personal trends. If you’re going to post on many accounts, be ready to handle the workload!


Just like any other platform, Pinterest has a unique type of audience. You’ll have to adjust your approach to these users if you want to make money on Pinterest.

We are fortunate to live in a time when we can make money blogging on Pinterest. A couple of decades ago, people used to scream at their kids for spending too much time in front of the computer. Nowadays, a child’s entire life is captured online. Most children can use a phone without difficulty by the age of five.

The majority of people can benefit from the available technology. If the method you try doesn’t get you anywhere, try something new. Keep putting in effort until you find what works for you. The Internet is so large that you’ll find your place eventually!