Maybe the Meta privacy policy has crossed too many lines, or you’re tired of using the same messaging apps. Regardless of what reason made you switch to Telegram, welcome. There’s a lot more privacy on this side of the fence!

Telegram has become an alternative to popular messaging platforms that seem to be getting themselves into trouble. While Telegram may not have the same reach as Facebook, millions around the world are signing up. As other platforms are drowning in advertising and bots, Telegram is an untouched resource.

For those publishers who have realized Telegram’s potential, there are many ways for you to make money. But first, you need to fully understand what Telegram is and how it works. Once that’s in place, you can focus on your own income goals. Just like with a product, you have to understand what you’re selling if you want to persuade customers to buy it.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a world-wide, cloud-based messaging platform. You can use Telegram to not only connect with friends and family but also to launch an entire business. Some of the best parts of Telegram are:

  • End-to-end encryption;
  • Groups and channels;
  • File upload size;
  • Cloud storage capacity.

Telegram is renowned for its security features. As Telegram has no ties to the Meta messaging networks, it stands above the rest. While normal messages are sent through Telegram servers, secret chats are completely encrypted. A secret chat’s messages are stored on the device it’s sent through. This means that if you connect to Telegram from another device, you can’t access those messages.

WhatsApp had an impressive 512 user limit on groups at first, but Telegram quickly surpassed it. Telegram groups offer an impressive 200,000 user limit on each group. Telegram channels, on the other hand, have no user limits at all! This has opened the door for large-scale marketing across multiple countries.

Telegram also takes the lead in the maximum file upload size category. While WhatsApp and Skype offer a mere 16MB and 300MB, respectively, Telegram maxes out at 4GB. This saves tons of time from having to upload everything to iCloud or your Google Drive!

The last feature that Telegam uses to knock our socks off is their cloud storage capacity. Telegram allows free users a maximum upload size of 2GB and premium users a max of 4GB. The best part is that there’s no limit on the actual cloud storage. You can upload as many files as you want to Telegram!

Advantages of Using Telegram

Now that you understand the best parts of Telegram, it’s time to look at the smaller features, such as:

  • Support for all platforms;
  • Speed;
  • Usernames;
  • Multiple sessions;
  • Telegram bots;
  • Media compression.

Firstly, as Telegram is a cloud-based service, it supports any available platform. Including Android, Windows, iOS, and Linux. You can find an app compatible with any device that uses these operating systems. If you are unable to do so, you can use Telegram from any web browser.

Because of Telegram’s highly advanced servers, the platform is incredibly fast. Even faster than WhatsApp and Facebook. Though, as Telegram gains more popularity, we hope their servers will keep up with the extra load!

Usernames are another great innovation on Telegram’s side. You no longer need personal phone numbers to find some on Telegram. Simply type in their username, and you can reach them. This way, you can save personal details for your close circle.

While bots may be annoying on other platforms, Telegram has embraced the idea. Through a Telegram account called BotFather, you can create any bot for users to interact with.

You can set up the entire conversation word-for-word. You can even personalize the responses that users can choose from!

Lastly, Telegram offers users the choice between compressing their files or not. This way, you can save the original quality of the images you send. Otherwise, they can be compressed for faster download speeds.

How Telegram Makes Money

Telegram was founded in 2013 by two brothers, Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Their initial investments kept the company running for the next few years. Along with billions of dollars in investments from companies and individuals around the world. Though the platform needed to generate additional revenue somewhere.

For the next nine years, Telegram stayed completely free for all users. With the addition of display ads that generated passive income for the company. That was until June of 2022. Telegram announced that they were adding a premium subscription for users.

Telegram experimented with developing its own cryptocurrency and tokens for use within the app. But after delaying the launch several times due to legal issues, the entire project was shut down. Telegram now relies on an ethical business model to support its funding needs.

The Telegram Business Model

Telegram’s aim is to please customers, not to gain profit. Therefore, the Telegram business model is based on ethical values. Rather than the money-focused strategies that businesses blindly flock to.

The Telegram business model ensures that user data is completely safe and private. They reject any practices that involve selling user data to large corporations.

Because of this, Telegram makes most of its money through investments and donations. Telegram eventually monetized the platform in 2020, which displayed ads to free users. The implementation of the premium service has definitely helped increase Telegram’s profits.

However, the introduction of the premium subscription doesn’t take anything away from free users. Telegram users could still use the same features as before. The only difference is the extra features, such as faster server speeds, doubled limits, and no ads.

Telegram is one of the few large messaging apps that still values customers over income. The Telegram business model may not seem to generate much money, but that isn’t their intention.

Telegram is a great example of building up strong customer relationships to secure the company’s future.

How to Create a Channel on Telegram

Before you create a channel, there are a few vital factors that will make or break your efforts, including:

  • The topic or niche of your channel;
  • Your usernames;
  • Free vs. premium membership;
  • The target audience you have in mind.

The most important thing about a Telegram channel is how interesting the topic is. Whether it’s political updates or a recipe channel, the content must grab users’ attention. That means you have to choose a niche you actually enjoy promoting. Maybe you’re a great graphic designer, but if you enjoy selling clothes more, then go for that!

Next is your username, your personal username, and the channel’s name. Whatever you decide on, make sure it accurately represents what your channel offers. Make sure it’s easy to search for so users can find it organically. You can always change these later if you come up with a better name.

When you make a Telegram channel, you should consider buying a premium subscription. As a normal user, free access is enough. But as a business or publisher, your channel will greatly benefit from the extra features.

Lastly, before you jump into Telegram, make sure you can reach your target audience. While Telegram has gained interest in the last few years, it’s still miles behind other networks. If Telegram is limiting your reach, make sure to use other social media accounts as compensation.

Making Money on Telegram

Now that you’ve got your channel in place, you can start making some money from it. There’s no point in having an interesting channel that doesn’t generate some sort of income. But don’t worry, there are a few ways you can start to make money with Telegram right now.

The following will cover the best ways to advertise on your Telegram channel. And where to advertise your channels outside of the platform.

In addition, some excellent advice on how to create a profitable Telegram channel. Followed by the risks involved in Telegram. While making money is great, you’ve got to keep yourself safe online!

Advertising with a Telegram Channel

There are a range of advertising strategies for making money on Telegram:

  • Affiliate marketing / CPA marketing;
  • Channel subscription fees;
  • Competitions and giveaways;
  • Collaborations;
  • Live-streaming;
  • External social media networks.

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing before, your mind is going to explode. It’s become one of the best ways to make money online, with zero start-up costs.

You’ve just got to partner with the right affiliate, and you can start promoting immediately. Using Admitad Partner Network will be your quickest option. You could connect to an affiliate that is most suited to your niche right now!

Another great way to make money is through a competition or giveaway. All you need is a simple prize and a set of easy actions that help you earn revenue.

For example, a free hair product competition. All users have to do is sign up for a specific website through which you earn affiliate commissions. It’s that simple. The person who signs up first, second, or third—whichever place you decide on—wins the prize.

One of the most effective ways to make money on social networks is through collaboration. Especially with influencers and brand ambassadors. While this requires some social skills, it’s great for building trust with viewers. Make sure to utilize the power of live video. This creates a deeper sense of intimacy between you and the audience.

Advertising purely on Telegram won’t be enough. You’ll need to incorporate multiple platforms to bring users back to your channel. Publishers can expand Telegram’s audience by promoting their channels on other networks.

Best Tips for Making a Profitable Telegram Channel

While advertising can help you get by, there are a few practices to help you make the most of your Telegram channel, such as:

  • Telegram bots;
  • Consistency vs. overloading viewers;
  • Quality over profit;
  • Honesty and trustworthiness;
  • Monetize in every way possible.

Make sure to take advantage of Telegram’s bot functionality. From scheduled content release to extra messaging functionalities. You can make a Telegram bot for almost anything. Some of the more common bots include Feed Reader Bot, GameBot, and Spotify Downloader Bot.

Many tips will tell you to post content regularly, so viewers stay subscribed to your channel. While this is true to some degree, channels that post too much can overload users’ devices. For those who keep notifications on at all times, this can be a real annoyance!

The worst mistake publishers make online is to focus on profits over the number of viewers they help. While it’s great to use Telegram channels to make money, that’s not the intention of the platform.

Even Telegram aims to help people rather than make money. All publishers should follow suit when using the services this company provides. By being honest and focusing on the viewer, you will gain their trust.

The last true key to make money on Telegram is through monetization. Whatever platform you use, whether on Telegram or another, use every built-in monetization option there is.

Most platforms ask that you meet certain requirements before you can monetize your account. That’s why it’s better to use a tool like ConvertSocial that lets you monetize any account immediately.

Risks and What to Look Out For

Telegram is praised for its end-to-end encryption. Though most people don’t really understand how this works. When users message through a normal chat, each message passes through Telegram’s servers.

This allows users to access their chats from any device or web browser. But the catch is that these messages are only client-to-server encrypted. Meaning there is a much greater chance of this information being leaked.

Rather, use the secret chat function that Telegram offers. The messages sent through the secret chat are stored locally on the device you use. You won’t be able to access the same chat on other devices, but the messages are safe.

Telegram also added another safety feature that comes in handy. It lets you self-destruct messages after a set time and delete messages permanently. Even messages that the other person has sent!

Because of the security that Telegram offers, it’s known as a conspiracy theorist hotspot. Many conspiracy theorists have flocked to the safety of Telegram. Many feel that they can openly communicate without censorship. Though Telegram has shut down extremist groups and other illegal channels.

As with any platform, make sure to avoid scams and false traffic. While it is against Telegram’s T&Cs, many publishers use subscriber bots to boost their supposed numbers. You might be receiving traffic that doesn’t lead to any sales. This is not your fault, but rather the result of Internet abuse.

On a positive note, Telegram is an open-source platform. This means any developer can come in and make their own replica of Telegram if they want to. They can provide suggestions to make Telegram better for everyone using it!


Telegram is an amazing platform by many standards, but there are those who take issue with it. If you’re wondering how to make money on Telegram, your goal is to make money in general. You can follow the above advice, but make sure to implement means of generating income.

The Internet is a vast resource that allows you to build up revenue with a few simple clicks of a user’s mouse.

If you don’t receive the attention you’re looking for on Telegram, then it’s time to change things up. Either by adjusting the content and marketing strategies you use within Telegram. Alternatively, you may need to change your entire niche and platforms. Whatever change needs to happen, embrace it!