If you go into the etymology of the word “advertise,” it means “to notice” or “to turn towards.” That’s because any advertising should be noticeable and stand out. Ads should make people stop in their tracks and look at what the ads are offering!

However, not all of us have the ability to make such ads. Although we do know how to market pre-existing ads and content. It’s kinda the whole point of being a publisher! If you’re a publisher who doesn’t know how to promote content, you probably don’t earn much.

That’s why publishers all run toward advertising networks. These platforms are the saving grace, and they provide all our lovely ads and content. The most popular network would be Google AdSense, but as it’s mainstream, it’s also overcrowded.

Publishers are looking for alternatives to Google AdSense that they can use. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the highest-paying Google AdSense alternatives. That way, you don’t have to look for alternative advertising networks by yourself!

What is an Advertising Network?

An advertising network connects businesses that need advertising with publishers who have ad space. The advertising network is a safe space to find the right ads to promote. Especially if you plan on marketing on a daily basis!

When it comes to picking an advertising network, keep these factors in mind:

  • Network size;
  • Quality of adverts;
  • Commission rates;
  • Products and content;
  • Support team.

The size of the network you choose defines how many ads are available for you to choose from.

The fewer businesses a network is connected to, the fewer ads and money they can offer publishers.

Speaking of ads, you should check out your advertising network’s ad quality before you sign up.

Ads need to have high-quality images and text, as well as working links. Any ad that slows your website down has to be changed!

Each advertising network offers a different commission rate. Even with each platform, there are varying rates from business to business.

As well, there are different rates for the types of user actions.

While advertising networks may have many types of ads, there are still limits to each network.

Some networks offer a chance to promote better products and content. Other networks have limited categories for you to choose from.

The advertising network support team can also be an important factor.

While you might love the advertising network you signed up with, what do you do if something goes wrong?

If the network’s support team isn’t there to help, you’re all on your own.

Why Should I Look For Alternatives to AdSense?

Google AdSense has been one of the most popular advertising networks for years now.

Everyone who wants to promote ads goes to Google AdSense. It’s no surprise; the name gives the comfort we feel when using Google Search features.

However, don’t think that Google’s search features reflect what Google AdSense is like.

While Google AdSense was great years ago, people have saturated it to the brim. There’s no space for new publishers to make any money.

That’s why publishers have decided to take a leap of faith and find some alternatives to AdSense.

While Google AdSense was loyal to publishers for years, it’s time to move on and find greener advertising pastures.

Publishers have also stopped limiting themselves to just advertising networks.

There are entire platforms dedicated to connecting publishers and affiliates now.

Admitad Partner Network

The Admitad Partner Network is one such platform.

Admitad creates a better way to promote products and content.

Admitad even lets publishers create all their links for each advertiser! Furthermore, Admitad offers helpful solutions for both publishers, social media influencers and content creators.

Admitad also has a Store where you can browse through all the available advertisers. Once you’ve gotten the hang of promoting your initial advertiser, you can start marketing for popular brands like:

But for now, we’ll look at some AdSense alternatives for websites—for those who still want to give it a shot!

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Now we can get into the real reason you’re here: finding the top Google AdSense alternatives to use daily:

  • Amazon Ads;
  • Google ADX;
  • TikTok Ads;
  • Apple Advertising;
  • LinkedIn Ads;
  • Yahoo AdTech;
  • Snapchat Ads;
  • Spotify Ads;
  • Twitter Business;
  • Microsoft Ads.

Remember that finding the right advertising network is only part of the job. Once you’ve gotten your ads, you actually have to promote them!

With time and dedication, you can become an expert publisher in no time.

A simple tip to keep in mind is to look at all your content and advertising through the eyes of your viewers.

If you can understand what they want and are looking for, you’ll have no problem making new content.

Advertising requires new content on a consistent basis. If you aren’t ready to deliver at least once a week, you’ll struggle to make a decent income!

Amazon Ads

Amazon is a global online store that provides one of the biggest collections of products.

Amazon advertises products from hundreds of manufacturers. It originally started as a bookselling platform but quickly expanded into other products.

Amazon has become so big that they can now hire publishers to promote for them. Not only do they provide any product you can think of, they also provide millions of users with jobs.

Amazon Ads is the highest-paying Google AdSense alternative.

When publishers partner with Amazon Ads, they can benefit from these Amazon features:

  • Large product selection;
  • Brand shopping experiences;
  • Affiliate marketing tools;
  • Optimized marketing campaigns;
  • Enhanced keyword strategy.


Google ADX

If you’re looking for an alternative to AdSense but still want to use Google, you should try out Google AdX.

Google AdX stands for ad exchange.

Google AdX offers real-time bidding to networks like Google AdSense. Google AdX bids on the same ad spaces as advertising networks.

Using Google AdX gives you access to the ad space inventory. If Google AdX provides ad space for other advertising networks, then there’s more than enough for you!

Google AdX does have a downside that it generates less income than other networks.

TikTok Ads

You might be living under a rock if you haven’t seen a TikTok video before. In fact, we’d be surprised if you’ve seen fewer than ten TikTok videos altogether.

TikTok quickly rose in popularity and has stayed there for a solid five years now.

No wonder TikTok has taken advantage of all the content creators who want to use their site. Especially the content creators who use it for their money-making schemes.

TikTok Ads is the best AdSense alternative for increasing viewership.

TikTok has over a billion users for you to test your promotions on. Plus, they have great marketing features when you sign up as a TikTok advertiser.

Apple Advertising

Apple Advertising, or Apple Search Ads, is a great Google AdSense alternative.

We’ve all heard of the legendary Steve Jobs and the empire he left behind when he died. Apple has always been a top competitor of Microsoft when it comes to technology.

Apple Advertising allows publishers the chance to promote apps from the Apple Store. The Apple Store is a download store specific to users who have an Apple device.

Though, you don’t need an Apple device to promote their ads! As long as you’ve got some ad space for their different apps, you’re all set to make money.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has been the professional one out of the social media networks for over 20 years. Yes, you read that right—LinkedIn was started in 2003!

After all these years, LinkedIn is still respected as a site for businesses to come together.

LinkedIn is used to promote your CV or work experience so that you can find new jobs. Any company can message you if they like your profile!

When you advertise for LinkedIn Ads, you’ll be advertising LinkedIn business accounts.

That way, new users can render services from those accounts. LinkedIn Ads is a highly recommended alternative to Google AdSense.

Yahoo AdTech

Yahoo AdTech is a social media network for media and entertainment services. Yahoo AdTech is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives, as it offers:

  • Advertisement chances;
  • Content publishing;
  • Campaigns;
  • Monetization features;
  • Resource Information Services.

Yahoo originally started out as a search engine, just like Google did. They’ve expanded to include affiliate marketing offers for worthy publishers.

Yahoo AdTech can provide any type of ad as they promote websites, publishers, and all content.

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat, just like TikTok, quickly rose in popularity when it was released. Snapchat hasn’t stopped growing since!

Snapchat originally started as a messaging platform to talk to anyone worldwide. Then Snapchat released its filters, and the Internet went crazy.

Suddenly everyone decided that they loved the way Snapchat filters made them look. Skip a few years later, and Snapchat has made enough money to give back to their content creators.

Not only can you make money through Snapchat Ads, but you can also make more money with ConvertSocial.

ConvertSocial is great for when you want to skip the hassle of using built-in features. With ConvertSocial, you can monetize your content right from the start.

Snapchat Ads include Snapchat accounts or video and picture content from top contributors.

Spotify Ads

Spotify is a platform similar to YouTube Music. The only difference with Spotify is that it has only user-created content.

You won’t find a hit song from the radio on Spotify, but you will discover hidden talents!

Spotify Ads is one of the top AdSense alternatives.

Spotify Ads was created to further increase awareness of these content creators. Any type of music, podcast, or audio file can be uploaded and viewed on Spotify. That means any of those audio files can be used in Spotify Ads.

While advertising music can seem difficult, you just have to use the right platforms. Try advertising through videos or live-streams so people can actually hear the content!

Twitter Business

No doubt, Twitter has had its ups and downs, but it’s forever imprinted on our minds. Who can forget that baby blue Twitter bird icon that invokes feelings of peace? While Twitter may have its own drama, there’s always Twitter Business.

Twitter Business creates an avenue for publishers to promote sponsored content. Twitter Business is like LinkedIn in the way that it’s dedicated to professional content. If you’ve got logical and practical marketing strategies, Twitter Business is for you.

Microsoft Ads

The last AdSense alternative we’ll cover is Microsoft Ads. If we mention Apple, we should have the respect to mention Microsoft, too!

Microsoft has worked for almost fifty years to make the best technology and devices we could think of.

To sign up with Microsoft Ads and be a part of such a big part of IT history is an honor. Microsoft Ads takes the classic route of a pay-per-click system for your ads.

That means you’ll be paid for every user that clicks on one of your Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Ads can include various content types, like the other networks we’ve covered.

Other Worthy Mentions

While we’ve spoken about popular AdSense alternatives, they aren’t the only networks. Here’s a list of networks that are also really good but didn’t make the initial list:

  • Adsterra;
  • Airnow Media;
  • Leadbolt;
  • Epom;
  • Media.not;
  • Clickadu;
  • Vibrant Media.

These may not be as big as other networks, but they work just the same. Not every publisher wants the highest salary they can get. If you’re looking for a small but decent commission from display ads, try out some of the above networks.


While advertising networks can earn a basic commission, don’t limit yourself to them. There are hundreds of platforms you can use in conjunction with networks. From social media platforms to creating your own website.

The only platform limit is the one you put on yourself. Remember that the fewer platforms you utilize, the less income you stand to make.

The same goes for the amount of time and days you put into advertising your content. If you only work once a week, you can’t expect to make 100K a year!

If you’ve tried a hundred different networks and you still can’t make money, you need to change your approach. While we might believe our content marketing is great, that doesn’t mean the Internet will. You’re either advertising the wrong way or advertising to the wrong group!

Whatever issues arise, keep trying new marketing strategies, and you’ll get there.