Unless you’re an expert in a field, good luck trying to find any jobs in the real world. The rest of us non-experts have to make due with what we have around us. Fortunately, the Internet has created an abundance of jobs. From the least experienced freelancer to seasoned online entrepreneur, everyone can monetize their tech skills. There are plenty of easy ways to make money using ever-changing technology.

The only question is, “How can we do this right now?” The answer is determination and patience. You can handle any online job if you’re willing to put in the hours. Just find a niche that you have an interest in and keep working at it.

Below is a list of recommendations you can use to make money with technology.

Digital Products and Ecommerce

A quick and easy income involves creating an online store and selling products. If you’ve got the money to invest, it’s a great idea to buy a whole bunch of stock. Once you’ve set up your website, you can immediately start selling to your clientele. Although, if you can’t go out and buy stock, there are other avenues you can explore.

Dropshipping refers to a seller who doesn’t keep any stock on-hand. Instead, the seller uses part of the customers’ payment to buy the stock and organize delivery. They keep the rest of the payment as profit.

Digital products are intangible items you can buy online. This includes any type of music, digital art, blog articles, e-books, TV shows, or movies. You can create a store that sells single-use or full purchases of these items. You can even create a monthly subscription fee for continual access.

A good example is YouTube Music. You can listen to free music with ads in between. Or you can buy a monthly subscription to remove ads completely.

Tutoring Lessons

For anyone who has decent or expert knowledge in a certain field, you can become an online tutor. Maybe you studied engineering in college or excelled in English when you were in school. Maybe you have a knack for singing. Maybe you just like the idea of teaching in the first place. Whatever reason you have, use it as motivation to teach as many people as you can.

Tutors often charge per hour. The more specialized the subject, the higher your income. You can charge a greater fee for video calls than tutoring that occurs through messages. Being a tutor gives you a chance to define your own schedule. You can choose to work with 5 clients today and then take the next day off.

You can advertise that you’re a tutor through your own website, blog, and social media. An easier route would be to sign up with a platform that connects you to students:

  • Chegg Tutors;
  • Wyzant;
  • Tutor.com;
  • Mathnasium;
  • Revolution Prep;
  • TutaPoint;
  • Skooli.


Partner Marketing

Partner marketing is a vast community of advertisers and content creators coming together. The content creator (publisher) markets affiliate products on their website. In return, the company pays for every user that buys a product through a unique referral link. The customer must use this referral link provided by the partner network. Otherwise, the advertiser won’t pay the publisher.

Anyone can find the perfect affiliate market to work with through Admitad Partner Network.

The monetization platform gives publishers a chance to connect with top-notch brands that complement their niche. This way, Partner Network provides the opportunity to work with well-known brands, such as:

You can market your affiliates throughout your website and social media accounts.

The best part of partner marketing is that you don’t need to worry if a customer will come back to the advertiser’s website. Your only concern is increasing traffic toward that website.

Music and Art

There are musicians all over YouTube who will teach you how to play any instrument for free. The same applies to art. If you don’t already have musical and artistic talent, you can learn. No one is born knowing how to feel rhythm, but anyone can learn.

Once you have the skills, you can start creating content. Create an album or two, compose your own sheet music; you can even do covers of existing songs.

Then you can find a streaming platform and upload your music for free to get your name out there.

Once you’ve gained some popularity, you can start selling your music to online platforms such as iTunes.

You can sell your art at a high price online. Especially if you can make 3D art. There is a rising interest in NFT artwork. A recent piece named “Disaster Girl” sold for a whooping $500K in 2021.

Alternatively, you can teach others how to play instruments or create art. Whichever route you’re more passionate about is where you’ll make the most money.

Social Media Influencer

This seems to be a dream job for many teenagers and young adults. Who wouldn’t mind earning an income by advertising beauty products and clothes? All the while showing off their extravagant lifestyle? It sounds too good to be true.

Despite this, millions of people around the world survive solely on the income they receive as influencers.

All an influencer has to do is convince their audience to buy their sponsor’s products.

Make sure you find an honest sponsor.

You don’t want to spend a month advertising for a company that’s going to scam you out of your money. Don’t trust a company that asks for a fee to advertise for them!

Once your influencer account is on track, monetize all your accounts as soon as you can. ConvertSocial is a platform that helps you monetize any of your social media profiles.

ConvertSocial provides an opportunity to choose from 100.000+ brands and offer your audience relevant and useful products. In return, you’ll receive ad revenue for the number of users who buy the products.

ConvertSocial offers the chance to work with amazing brands like:


Online Courses and Surveys

Selling online courses is like tutoring. The only difference is that you don’t have to work with your customers directly.

You can compose an entire course for someone to use by themselves.

You can offer monthly or yearly subscription-based access to your courses. Though most people sell the course as a whole.

The customer can then either download it to their laptop or use it through your website.

If you keep your course online, you can earn an extra layer of income through display ads.

There are a few websites that will pay you to complete online courses. You can even earn certifications to improve your resume.

You can also sign up for survey websites. This is a type of platform that pays a small fee (usually a few cents or dollars at most) for completing a single survey. If you can complete 30–50 surveys a day, that’s an easy $50 in your pocket.

Kickstarter and GoFundMe

Investors everywhere. But where do you look for them? Kickstarter and GoFundMe are two examples of websites that can connect you to investors and crowd-funding. This is a great solution for someone who needs donations for their project.

You’ll need to submit a business proposal of your product or business idea and the total amount you need. You’ll have to create a set of milestones, too.

This way, your investors will be able to track your progress. Anyone can donate to your project. They can donate whatever amount they have available.

People with illnesses or in need of surgery will often start a GoFundMe to raise enough money for their medical bills.

You can technically create a GoFundMe for anything.

If you need a dress for prom or just want a new cellphone. Most people, however, will only fund a project that they believe in or that deserves donations.

Web and Graphic Design

As a web designer, you have endless work opportunities. From complex websites to simple animations. It all depends on what you’re capable of and what you’re willing to learn. Having a vivid imagination will only benefit you. Consider the following options:

  • Web design;
  • Graphic design;
  • Corporate identity and branding;
  • PhotoShop;
  • 3D animation;
  • Video creation.

Anything involving web design needs experience in coding. You can learn HTML and CSS to start creating basic website templates. More advanced animation within web design requires JavaScript.

Graphic design can include book covers, invitations, social media posts, and logo creation. Graphic designers often create vector packs or templates to sell online. These platforms pay you every time someone downloads your graphics. They will also have to credit you, which creates a passive marketing strategy.

PhotoShop is a handy program that allows you to edit JPEGs and real-life images. You can also use PhotoShop to create vectors, but Adobe Illustrator is better for graphics. There are small jobs you can start with immediately. People would pay good money for a photo edited to show a loved one who recently passed away.

Web Development

The highest-paying online jobs all revolve around web development. Junior developers can earn between US $48,000 and $72,000 annually. That’s up to $6,000 a month. A senior, full-stack developer can easily make $10,000 monthly.

Why do developers earn so much? Because reading coding is like trying to read hieroglyphics. If you don’t know what the symbols and order mean, you’re basically staring at tiny pieces of art.

Coding is truly an art form in its purest essence. No two websites will ever be made in the same way. Dozens of coding languages have formed over the years. There are millions of ways to use these languages.

That’s why coding can be such a great way to make money on technology. Whatever you create is completely unique to you. Through lines of code, you tell a browser how a website should look. Then when a person loads that page, the browser builds the entire thing from scratch using the commands you’ve entered.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Virtual Assistant

Long gone are the days of picking up your boss’s laundry. No more running around town to find their favorite drink. You can now assist your employer from the comfort of your home or a different country. Being a virtual assistant means that all your work takes place on your computer or over a video call. No one will notice the hidden PJ pants below your professional shirt. Just make sure the camera is properly angled!

A virtual assistant often takes care of administrative tasks. Your job could involve contacting clients on behalf of your employer. A company can ask you to create invoices, organize meetings, and take notes during important video calls.

The distance definitely helps, but you can’t escape the demands that most ask of their assistants. You’d better look around for a quieter job if you’re socially inept. You’ll need to keep a big smile on your face when dealing with certain tempers.

Social Media Marketing

Large companies, influencers, online stores, and entrepreneurs. Everyone can benefit from marketing on different social media platforms. No one has the time to do it themselves, though. This is where you come in. Find a company that lacks popular social media content and contact them. Offer to take over their social media accounts for a monthly fee. Then turn those sad accounts into money-making machines.

If you’re good enough, the increase in traffic will be enough to cover the loss of income from hiring you. Graphic design skills will make you more desirable. As well as implementing monetization across all social media platforms. The increase in revenue from this action alone will knock the socks off of your employer.

Find an influencer and brand ambassador for the company. You can market these partnerships. This expands your audience to include the influencer’s viewers. The more influencers you can find to partner with, the more content you have to market. Companies that collaborate with influencers receive better feedback. Viewers trust a company that allows normal people to explain the benefits of a product.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing involves working on a range of projects. You’ll often deal with overseas and online clients. You can jump around through any niche where a client accepts your employment. A freelancer can define their own hours and work entirely from home.

Employers give freelancers creative rights for a project. They are only required to complete it before a deadline. The client then reviews the work. If they like the work, they will pay you. If they don’t like the work, they can either send it back for adjustments or move onto another freelancer.

Freelance jobs often need at least one skill in any area. If you lack experience, find online courses to expand your knowledge base. Look for a specific niche that you have at least a slight interest in. You’ll work much harder if you enjoy the project at hand.

The best platforms to set up your freelancing profiles are on:

  • Freelancer;
  • Fiverr;
  • Upwork;
  • Toptal;
  • Guru;
  • 99Designs;
  • FlexJobs.


Wrapping Up. How To Make Money With Technology

There are countless directions you can follow to make money with technology. You’ll only struggle to use technology properly if you aren’t reading the instructions. The IT community developed the ID10T error for a reason. Users cause 90% of issues with technological devices themselves. They just don’t realize it.

Keep practicing the skills you have. The more expertise you have in an area, the higher your future income will be. But you won’t make any of that money if you don’t use your abilities. Websites won’t build themselves while you nap on the couch. You can’t write an article if you’re busy messaging 20 people at the same time.

If all else fails, you can resort to selling your laptop to a pawn shop. One way or another, you can always make money with technology!