Going back a few decades, a day-job working five days a week was more than enough to survive. You could buy a car. Save up for a house. Put your kids through college… But we don’t live in that time anymore. It’s now the 2020s – everything is going at warp-speed and costs ten times as much. Working six or seven days a week can’t even pay off a good rental apartment.

This is why earning a passive income is a necessity nowadays. Especially for publishers and freelancers who don’t have a stable revenue source. There isn’t enough time in the day to earn the amount of money you need for the month. Luckily, the Internet has opened up an array of opportunities for passive income.

From partner marketing to classic investments, there are a ton of ways you can make money while you sleep. You don’t have to take away from the bit of relaxation time you have. Just put a few of the below options in place, and secure your future right now. It sounds like a dream or myth, doesn’t it?

Who said if you can’t make money while you sleep? But with some effort, you can make it a reality!

Passive Income: How to Make Money While You Sleep

Active income refers to financial compensation in exchange for a service rendered or product sold.

Conversely, a passive income refers to an income earned without any active effort. Or continuous income from work completed beforehand.

With passive income, the hard work comes before the financial gain. If you decide to open up an ecommerce store, you will need to pre-purchase your products.

Then, setting up your website or social media channels requires more hard work. Which all need advertising afterwards.

Once everything is in place, the revenue can start passively building up.

You might need to occasionally update the content and software of your website.

However, if you do it properly, there should be minimal effort required in the long run.

Any of the following options are means to form a passive income stream. However, you can turn any of these options into an active source of revenue.

There’s only one true difference between active and passive income.

It boils down to the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put in. You can convert any passive income into an active one!

Partner Marketing

Partner marketing has become one of the most popular revenue sources for publishers everywhere.

This is because the partner market allows for extreme diversity of content.

There are millions of viewers using the Internet every day.

The partner market allows for specialized niches and unique content.

Partner marketing is the exchange between an advertiser and an independent publisher.

The advertiser creates a unique product or service and signs in for a partner network, which then creates referral links for each publisher.

The links redirect any users who click on them to a product or content page. The publisher is then paid per purchase through their referral link.

Some advertisers offer a revenue rate per click or view of the link. Publishers can check the method and amount before joining that particular program.

The easiest way to find your own advertiser is to join Admitad Partner Network.

This is a platform that connects publishers with complementary advertisers. Admitad has access to a range of brand-name advertisers, such as:


Partner marketing requires more effort in the beginning. Especially when setting up your platforms and social media channels.

You’ll need to first decide on the content you want to provide to viewers. Then figure out what would be the best platform to display it on.

A survey shows that 64% of customers prefer videos when interacting with content. It’s better to incorporate more platforms at the beginning that can passively earn income. Each small contribution from a platform will add to the grand total.

How to Make Money While You Sleep With Ecommerce Stores

There are endless items that can be sold online. Some need minimal effort and restocking. There are three different types of ecommerce stores:

  • Product stores;
  • Content stores;
  • Service stores.

A product store is straightforward enough. This requires you to buy stock in what you want to sell beforehand.

Then you can set up a website and social media accounts. This is where customers can buy the items and supply their shipping details.

There’s also the option of drop-shipping. You don’t have to keep the stock on hand yourself. You can simply buy the stock from the manufacturers with the customer’s payment. You then have the stock delivered to the customer instead of yourself.

One of the other types of stores sell content. This can be in the form of videos, images, articles, or downloadables.

The viewers may be asked to pay a monthly subscription for access or an overall purchase of the content. The choice is up to the publisher!

The last type is a service store. These types of websites advertise the services that you can provide to a company or an individual. Whether it’s coding or graphic design, teaching or SEO. Even marketers and publishers have to advertise their skills somewhere.

Selling products can turn into an active income as you will need to consistently restock. For passive income, selling a type of content is easier.

There are an unlimited number of times someone can view and download content.

If your content is good enough and keeps up with trends, you can take your time uploading new content and make money while you sleep with no payment.

How to Make Money While You Sleep With Online Tutoring and Courses

Sitting on videos for hours might be the first image that comes to mind when thinking of online tutoring. But this is only one way you can tutor digitally.

Live video calls bring in an active income. While a passive income can be made through pre-recorded videos of your teachings.

The best way to benefit from online tutoring is to have both streams of income. Active and passive.

Have a live video call two to three times a week with loyal students. Then you can recommend pre-recorded videos for them in between video sessions.

Online courses work in a similar way. You first provide the teachings, though this isn’t always needed. Then you compile a digital course. This is where people can answer questions about the subject at hand.

Once they’ve passed the course with an adequate mark, they can receive a personalized certificate.

If you have the credibility, you can get your courses verified. There are numerous websites where you can publish your courses if you don’t have your own platform yet, including:

The topic you teach is completely up to you, whether you go the teaching or course-building route. Find something that you have intermediate to advanced skills in.

Though there are many people who want to learn ordinary skills.

Even teaching people to speak Spanish or play the piano are good options.

If you don’t have many advanced skills, there are online video courses you can take yourself!

Become an Influencer

If you’ve ever been convinced by a YouTuber’s story to buy a discounted product, you’ve fallen prey to influencers.

Influencers are social people who can convince just about anyone to buy a product. They’re found all over the Internet. From social media channels like YouTube to their personalized blogs and websites.

Influencers have become extremely omnipresent.

Surveys show that influencers inspire a whopping 88% of customers to buy products!

Similarly to partner marketing, an influencer makes money through advertising products and services. Or by providing promo codes.

While the influencer’s promo code may provide a discounted product, the influencer is also paid through the promo code. Just as referral links pay a publisher.

There is a catch to being an influencer, though. You need to have the proper social skills when interacting with your audience.

If you can’t maintain the relationships you have with viewers, you’ll lose traffic.

If you can’t handle negative feedback, you’ll be scared to post new content. And most importantly, if you don’t know how to speak to people on their level, you won’t convince anyone to buy your products!

As an influencer, the best way to keep a passive income going is to monetize your social media accounts.

ConvertSocial is a platform that provides an opportunity for content creators to easily make money with your laptop while you sleep.

With ConvertSocial you can monetize a multitude of social media networks, such as:


Make Money While You Sleep Blogging

Blogging is a classic source of income for any publisher.

A blog can cover a range of topics, from general knowledge to specialized information.

A blog can be as big or small as you want to make it.

You can put as much time into the blog as you want. Once a piece of content is up, it’s there until you decide to take it down.

A blog is the perfect opportunity to share your interests, hobbies, and skillset.

You can incorporate your own style into whatever you post. Most bloggers become popular because the way they present their content is unique. Even if the content has been told a thousand times over before.

A blog allows publishers to voice their personal opinions. The audience you gather should want to hear more of what you have to say!

To generate passive income, incorporate display ads. This allows you to be paid a certain amount every time someone loads a page with that ad or clicks through on it.

There are a few advertising networks that provide ads for you to place around your blog, namely:

  • Google AdSense;
  • Amazon;
  • Adsterra;
  • Admitad;
  • Clickadu.

Make sure to advertise your blog on any social media accounts you have. Create more accounts if you need to. The more people that find your blog, the more ad revenue builds up in the background.

Combining partner marketing and blogging is a sure-fire way to create a business that makes money while you sleep.

Make Money While You Sleep With Product Reviews and Recommendations

Creating a website around product reviews is a great option for passive income.

Similar to partner marketing, you’ll need to connect with a brand or business that needs advertising.

In exchange for financial compensation, you’ll create review pages for each product. The whole website can act like an ecommerce store.

You can provide the product information and put a list of reviews lower on the page.

When users click through on the link, they will be redirected to the affiliate product page.

But you could bypass advertising for a company and go straight to an advertising network. This way, you can set up display ads that generate income in the background.

A recommendation website or blog works in the same way. Though the articles are usually called round-up reviews. An article will recommend their top picks of products within a certain niche.

Each recommendation will have its own write-up or review attached. This helps potential buyers understand more about each product. When users click on a recommendation, they are redirected to a product page for that item.

As you’ve seen with most of these options for passive income, you will need referral links to advertise. The publisher can then be paid based on how much traffic they create for the company.

There are other options available to us, such as:

Passive forms of income generate small revenue streams. It’s better to adopt a variety of the provided options. Instead of relying on a single passive income that could crumble in a second.

The Importance of Investing

Most publishers immediately think of doing a job to make money.

That’s not a bad thing; it’s the way society has molded us.

But there is another option to make a passive income online without having to work for it.

It’s an old-fashioned method called investing. The newer generations seem to have forgotten how powerful a high interest rate can be. Yes, this method takes money to get things started. But so does any method to make a passive income.

In the long run, you’ll spend just as much money advertising your blog as you could invest right now.

There are many things you could invest in. From small businesses that need help starting up to rich stock markets.

Whatever you invest in, make sure to check the probability of loss. Investing in the stock market can earn you some good money right now, but how steady will it be over the next few months?

If you want a long-term investment, find a good bank with a high interest rate. If you’re ready to roll the dice, investing in cryptocurrency can score you a fortune. If you’re lucky!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing the right form of passive income, you can’t choose too many. The more streams of income you can combine, the better. Though your ability to make passive income depends on what your active income is.

You need to have enough time to start up any type of passive income. If you’re working six days a week, for 11 hours a day, you won’t be able to sustain it.

Once you’ve set up your passive income streams properly, keep advancing them. You never know when one of those streams will become so big that it becomes your full-time gig. So it’s better to learn how to make money while you sleep or you’ll work for life.

Every opportunity on the Internet is powerful enough to support you for life. The only difference between making a million each month, versus only a thousand, is you!