If you want to knock your audience’s socks off, then collaborating with an influencer is the best way to go. Internet users look for relatable content creators. Someone with human emotions and opinions.

Who believes anything they see online? It’s not trustworthy these days. But throw in a worldwide favorite, and people start listening.

Collaborating with influencers helps show your audience that your content is actually as great as you make it out to be. No more worrying about complex ad campaigns. Just team up with an influencer who loves to brag about you. This way, you can work together to prove how amazing your content is!

Keep reading for 10 most effective influencer collaborations ideas and examples that you can use to make your influencer collaboration successful.

When you’ve found the perfect influencer, you can request sponsored social media posts.

You’ll see the most sponsored content on Instagram.

The post contains the words “Paid sponsorship” or “#sponsorship” somewhere on the post.

You can discuss the logistics of the posts directly with the influencer.

You, as a content creator, will provide a sample of the content for the influencer to mention on their feed.

This way, the influencer can introduce your content in a different light and unique user experience.

There’s also a simple tool you can use to create a further stream of revenue within this collaboration.

Firstly, you’ll need to repost any sponsored content from the influencer’s accounts. Then you’ll need to share it on any other social media accounts you have.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you to find relevant brands to promote, ConvertSocial content monetization platform can be a solution for you.

The platform helps content creators and influencers monetize any social media account they have.

The list of resources that ConvertSocial can monetize is endless, such as:

The extra revenue you’ll get through ConvertSocial will cover your sponsorship costs!

Sponsored content doesn’t have to end with social media. Your influencers can help promote you through their personal blogs.

There are two types of sponsored blog posts that influencers could create.

The first type of blog post is completely dedicated to sponsorship. This blog post praises your content or product quality. The influencer can directly link to your website and social channels.

The second type of blog post contains subliminal advertising. The influencer could add the sponsor to a list of recommendations in an article. They could create a roundup review and display you as a top choice for your content.

Another example could be something like this.

You’re checking out an online store.

You click on an article link.

Suddenly, you’re redirected to another website.

And every piece you try to buy redirects you to the website’s product pages. Sound familiar?

Yup, that website paid the online store to sponsor their products through blog posts.

The majority of affiliate websites follow this technique. A publisher can create an entire shop without having to sell or ship anything to the clients.

The affiliate network provides a unique referral link for publishers to use.

This ensures a payment to that publisher when a customer clicks on the link.

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very similar to sponsored blog posts. The only difference is that you define the content that is being posted.

The influencer merely has to upload the provided posts to their blog. As well as ensure that the posts are advertised.

When looking for a guest blog, take these factors into consideration:

  • The size and reach of the chosen domain;
  • Find a blog with a similar or relevant niche to yours;
  • Ensure the blog has proper SEO optimization (this includes your articles too!);
  • Find an influencer who is easy to communicate with.

Make sure to find a blog that allows guest posts in the first place. If the blog doesn’t directly say that it offers guest posting, send a message and make sure yourself.

​​Once you’ve found a guest blog that will boost your profits, it’s your turn to show off.

Suggest a list of intriguing topics for the blog.

Check that the style of the posts you want advertised matches the style of the guest blog.

This way, you won’t confuse viewers with the sudden change of content and format.

It’s best to ask someone from the blog to check the compatibility of your posts with the blog before uploading any.

4. Account Takeover

This works best if you’ve got a long-term partnership with an influencer you trust. You might consider doing an all-out account takeover.

Sounds scary? It is.

Being unsure about your influencer is a no-no with this method. Although there are two ways you can go about it. The hardcore way, or the easy way.

A hardcore takeover involves giving the reins completely to an influencer. Yikes. You might be worrying about the risks your influencer could take. But they get attention for just that reason.

You might panic, wondering, “Will my account crumble into pieces?” But, wait. Listen. What’s that noise? Ah, the soothing sound of millions of viewers flooding your feed.

Your posts are safe in the hands of a professional influencer. No one knows how to melt the hearts of viewers better than they do.

If your trust issues are severely acting up at this point, there’s another road you can follow. You can still maintain full control of your account.

You can request post content from the influencer and upload it.

This way, you can track comments and replies yourself. Removing any risk of an uninformed influencer harming what you’ve built up.

It doesn’t matter which route you take. Influencer content is more effective than any marketing strategy you’ll find online.

5. Brand Ambassadors

Your traffic will greatly increase when you include brand ambassadors.

A brand ambassador takes being an influencer to a new level. You can incorporate anything mentioned in this post into a brand ambassador’s duties.

A brand ambassador goes further than advertising content once or twice. An ambassador broadcasts websites and social media channels daily. This occurs over an extended period of time. An ambassador can be helpful when it comes to specific niches.

The best route is to develop a long-term relationship with them. Your relationship advertises your loyalty and friendliness.

An ambassador can help viewers understand your products, if you sell any. They can display their long-lasting and resistant properties. The ambassador can help ease tension over any difficulties experienced with the product.

You can supply your ambassadors with specialized content or products. They can then use these for giveaways in their contests. These contests ask viewers to share the post as much as possible or tag their friends in the comments to win.

6. Influencer Gifting

One of the influencers’ favorites includes receiving a gift. Whether you’re sponsoring the influencer or surprising them with a complimentary product.

This is an effective marketing strategy.

The influencer can create a gratitude post about your channel. A gratitude post praises your generosity.

Sending out some generous gifts to popular influencers can quickly begin a trend.

One company got this done so perfectly that a hashtag named “#StopTheRingAd” formed as a result.

Although it sounds like bad publicity, that ring ad will forever live in our memory.

We would rather buy it as a keepsake reminder of how this ad was on every single Instagram post for months.

Gifting your products allows you to receive feedback from influencers.

The influencers’ viewers will overload posts with their opinions about this new product.

You’ll also start your influencer partnership on the right foot. Influencers are more likely to advertise products they enjoy – and get for free.

Not only can you get your name out there, you can greatly improve your content or products for your audience.

7. Product Collaboration

A loyal influencer can often create a huge buzz for your products and content. They definitely deserve something in their honor. Why not collaborate by naming a new product after them?

Maybe you can team up and design a better version of their favorite product. A product made for an influencer will spark the interest of their followers. The dedicated will buy more of a product purely because it has their inspiration’s name on the label.

If you don’t have such a close influencer, you can still collaborate on a product. Find an influencer who has a large established audience. Reach out and offer a chance to co-create a product with you.

This is a great opportunity for the influencer to expand their profiles. You won’t need to convince the influencer to advertise the product. They will want to keep advertising it for their own benefit.

Partner marketing is a great way to find brands to collaborate with. Don’t worry about looking for your own advertiser, though. Admitad Partner Network handles this for you.

Admitad Partner Network connects advertisers with publishers. The platform ensures that you find an advertiser that complements your selected niche.

You could have the chance to work with large brands like:


8. Giveaways

Giveaways resemble influencer gifting. Except the influencers’ audience stands a chance to win the gifts instead.

A giveaway involves you providing your sponsored influencer contest prizes. The influencer then creates several posts advertising your content or product. As well as advertising the contest.

Most of these contests occur on Instagram.

They all have simple rules. You’ll need to share the contest post as many times as you can. An influencer can ask followers to tag as many people in the comments as possible. You could even see a contest saying that the comment with the most number of likes will win.

The purpose of the contest is to advertise in a fast-paced manner. Once a follower wins, there can be extra steps before they can receive the prize. The influencer can ask them to get 5 people to follow the influencer’s account. They might be asked to advertise you and the influencer in a post. They could even have to win a second contest before receiving the official prize.

Most people understand it’s a big marketing scheme. Yet, when the opportunity comes to win something for free… Who’s going to pass that up? You can’t expect much from a social media contest either way. Many love the interaction with the influencer, regardless of whether or not they win.

9. Hosting Events

Going back to basics means looking beyond the online world. There are still thousands of venues. Countries all over the world have completely removed lockdown and mask restrictions. Social distancing is a distant memory. It’s time to take advantage of humanity’s renewed freedom. That means it’s party time!

Find the best-looking, funniest influencers you can. Dress to impress. Find a spot to set up your camera, and record it all. From the bloopers where you couldn’t stop laughing, to the final goodbye hugs.

Everything and anything is content.

People want to see influencers outside of their natural habitats. They want to see their favorite content creators showing their wild side.

There are a few different events you could host:

  • Private event;
  • Corporate event;
  • Charity event.

A private event can mean something like a birthday or wedding, or even a normal pool party. Why not collaborate with an influencer on these occasions? Gift influencers on their birthdays or when they’re celebrating a win. A sure-fire way to warm the hearts of all their viewers.

You can use a “corporate” event to educate your audience on your products. Or explain the content you provide. An influencer can take part and record everything they like about the event.

A charity event speaks for itself. Both you and the influencer you collaborate with can come together to donate to a foundation or group of people. You can hold the event in celebration of all the help your audience has given you.

10. Good Ol’ Fashioned Commercials

Another classic marketing tactic is commercials. We’re not talking about display ads on a blog. We’re talking about good, old-fashioned video commercials you see on TV. The ones that remind you of your childhood. The ones you can’t skip through because television streams shows live.

This is a guaranteed way to receive more traffic on your social media channels. Influencers are used to being on camera for their daily social media posts. Most will be thrilled to partake in an actual commercial. Don’t try to make a modern commercial that no one has seen before. Stick to the basics.

Go back and look at commercials from the 80s and 90s. You’ll get a good idea of what revs people up by checking out some banned commercials, too. These are golden. People love what they’re used to and what they can rely on. Some of the commercials you’ll find will get stuck in your head for days or make you laugh until your tummy hurts!

Wrapping Up

Whichever method you decide to follow, make sure you compensate your influencers. Working one-on-one with a person can bring up issues. Communicate properly with your influencers so that you can reduce mistakes. Don’t blame your influencers if your traffic doesn’t double overnight.

An influencer needs time to come up with the perfect content. Many rely purely on inspiration before uploading any posts. Supply a generous timeline for your influencers to work with. If any issue does come up, don’t blow it off immediately. Influencers are more human than the others that you’ll work with.

Choose a decent influencer, and then reach out to them with the idea you have. An influencer’s audience may reject your content completely. Though they are loyal to the influencer’s opinion and can still change their minds over time.

At the end of the day, have fun collaborating with influencers. It’s not everyday you get to team up with an Internet favorite!