Affiliate marketing is a gift when it comes to online job opportunities. Any beginner can try out affiliate marketing and actually make money right away! Though the total income might not be as high as they expected it to be. The big bucks are saved for skilled affiliate marketers who put in all their effort.

Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you could always use new tips and tricks for affiliate marketing. Beginners require them in order to properly launch their careers. While seasoned marketers need new tricks to keep making money every month.

These tips for affiliate marketing success will make it easier to secure your future!

The difference between using tips for affiliate marketing or not is the difference between earning $100,000 per month or only $10,000. While publishers can do everything on their own, it’s okay to accept help sometimes.

You’ll need answers that you can’t get alone to ensure your marketing efforts stay stable. Keep reading to find some helpful tips for your affiliate marketing journey!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before you try out the best ideas for affiliate marketing research, you need to understand affiliate marketing. You’re probably familiar with the term, but for those who haven’t heard of it before…

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between an affiliate program and their respective publishers. The affiliate program has content and products that require advertising. The publishers need an income and have promotional space available on their platforms. It’s easy to see how this works out for both parties!

The affiliate network ensures each publisher is paid for their traffic through referral links. These links redirect the publisher’s viewers back to the affiliate site. Either to a product, content, or sign-up page.

Each link is unique to its publisher. This ensures that the user interaction can be traced back to the original publisher. Furthermore, if anyone else uses a publisher’s affiliate links, the publisher is still compensated for the traffic!

A publisher can be paid based on any of the following user actions:

  • Ad clicks;
  • Product or content purchases;
  • Email notification sign-up;
  • Shares and likes;
  • Increased affiliate website traffic.

Though there are other ways affiliate programs can pay their publishers.

Some affiliates offer a set amount for all traffic accumulated from the publisher each month.

Other affiliates may offer other benefits, like access to their products, content, and services. They could even gift you new products.

The amount, when, and how you are paid can sometimes be negotiated directly with your affiliates. But if you’re partnering with an affiliate through the Partner Network, this information can be found in the affiliate description section.

If you’re unhappy with the affiliate’s commission rates, there are hundreds of others to try out!

Admitad Partner Network

The most important part of affiliate marketing is the affiliate you partner with. There are so many factors to consider that it’s impossible to make such a decision yourself.

Publishers can waste days—even weeks—finding the perfect affiliate. Only to realize it was a scam and they’re not going to get paid!

That’s why publishers should use a platform like Admitad Partner Network. This tool is great for any publisher who wants to quick-track their affiliate choices.

Admitad ensures that publishers connect to affiliates that match their niche and style.

Admitad also mediates any interactions between publishers and affiliates. You can trust that your affiliate partnership is safe in Admitad’s hands!

Furthermore, the Admitad gives publishers the opportunity to partner with large brands like:

The Admitad Partner Network also supplies affiliate marketing specialists with in-depth reports. These reports contain beneficial information, such as:

  • Key trends in affiliate marketing;
  • Traffic margins and commission rates;
  • Creative business models;
  • Promising traffic patterns.

It can be fun to try and take on the world by yourself. But when it comes to affiliate marketing, play it safe and accept the help around you!

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Regardless of how skilled you are in affiliate marketing, you’ll need new marketing ideas. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few affiliate marketing tips for beginners that even experts should take note of.

When we start getting good at something, we become cocky about it. Well-established affiliate marketers often forget about the basics when advertising. They concentrate on complex and intricate marketing strategies. Which usually ends in a huge traffic loss if things go wrong.

Instead of trying to outperform everyone else, consider the following tips for affiliate marketers.

Online Stores

An affiliate ecommerce store is one of the best ways to display your affiliate products. When you have a large number of products to advertise, you start to categorize them.

When you’re at the point of categorizing your products, it’s simpler just to display them in a store!

There are a few places where a publisher could create an affiliate store:

  • Personal website or blog;
  • Social media;
  • Marketplaces;
  • Product channels.

It’s a quick job to set up a website or blog. You can use a CMS like WordPress or Wix to start with a template and customize from there.

You’ll need to integrate an ecommerce plugin like Shopify into your site. As well, you’ll need to change the “buy now” buttons to redirect users to the affiliate product page.

Another option is a social media account dedicated to affiliate products or content. Each post can be made to look like a product page.

Some social media networks even offer marketplaces. This is a discovery section where users can buy directly from other accounts.

The final option is to advertise your products through other product channels.

Amazon, Shopify, and other platforms offer the chance to advertise on their websites. You could even push it further and have your products advertised as product pages.

Collaboration and Sponsorships

Collaboration is one of the most powerful affiliate marketing traffic tips online. A publisher is capable of moving mountains alone. Imagine what two publishers could do together!

The biggest issue that publishers have with collaboration is sharing the income. Those publishers have a misperception about collaboration.

Collaboration is meant to exponentially increase both parties’ income. If you’re losing money, you aren’t collaborating properly.

Common forms of affiliate marketing collaboration include:

  • Account takeovers;
  • Giveaways;
  • Influencer gifting;
  • Competitions;
  • Product reviews;
  • Combined live-streams.

Collaborative posts or events are used to show that publishers are humans too.

A collaboration can be a simple video of you and an influencer cooking a lovely dinner together. You can simply place your affiliate products in the background and watch your sales rise. You could even use your affiliate products in the collaboration if it’s suitable!

Collaborations require a certain level of social skills. If you aren’t ready to deal with the drama that comes along with an influencer, don’t waste your time.

Influencers are the most human users you’ll come across online. If you’ve got a thick skin and a friendly personality, collaboration is the perfect option for you.

Social Media

Most publishers already use various social media sites, but they have no idea what the best practices are. Publishers lose out on tons of cash because they’re careless with their social media content. Keep the following factors in mind when approaching your social media accounts:

  • Understand your audience;
  • Prioritize customer care;
  • Monetize EVERYTHING.

The best tips for affiliate marketing on social media all involve understanding your target audience. Each social media platform has a completely different type of viewer.

If you adjust your content for each audience, your income greatly increases. When viewers from each platform see that the content is unique to them, they will trust you more.

That’s another thing that publishers often forget about: customer care.

Affiliate marketing is based on how many users you can get to complete specific actions.

If you don’t take care of your viewers, you won’t make money!

The last but most important factor is monetization. You’d think content creators would monetize their accounts, but sadly, they often neglect it.

You can use built-in monetization features on certain sites, or you can use a tool like ConvertSocial.

Through ConvertSocial, you can immediately monetize any social media account you have. You don’t even need to worry about meeting a certain number of views or subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

At this point, we’ve covered a few places where you can advertise your affiliate products. However, there are other advertising tips you can use to make sure you get the most out of your efforts. Publishers try to put in as little effort as they possibly can.

Many publishers end up avoiding their affiliate marketing responsibilities. All of these are responsibilities. Whether a publisher attempts to fulfill them or not.

However, if you’re aiming to secure your future, make sure to utilize the following tips as soon as possible. Keep applying these tips to your content until they become unconscious habits!

While these tips might help you, you need to keep looking for new ideas. Don’t settle on one working method, as it might not work the same next month. The most important tip is to keep improving your affiliate marketing.


Uploaded affiliate marketing content or updated affiliate websites need proper SEO. While publishers might think they know how to optimize their content, many don’t.

Instead of pretending that you’re all clued up, follow these SEO tips for affiliate marketing:

  • Helpful, not hurtful, keywords;
  • Keep titles and descriptions short;
  • Up-to-date internal and external links;
  • Logical HTML structure (H1, H2, H3);
  • Customize URLs;
  • Disability-friendly.

Including keywords is the most obvious SEO tip that publishers follow. They do, however, have a tendency to overdo it.

An article or piece of text should have no more than 1% of keywords, maybe 2% for short texts. The rest of the content should be completely unique.

A big SEO mistake that publishers make is using titles and descriptions that are way too long.

While you might think you’re being descriptive, fewer users will buy a product with a confusing name. Even if they wanted it beforehand!

The last SEO tip, but the most important, is adjusting for disabled users. There is a ton of code that web developers can add to make life easier for the disabled. Blind viewers use screen readers to browse content.

If your website isn’t set up properly, it doesn’t matter how good your content is.

Customer Care

For people who rely on user interactions, affiliate marketers take their viewers for granted. Though, it’s expected from people who look for jobs online. These people ran to the Internet to hide from having to go to work every day.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting less social interaction. But if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you’re going to have to pull up your socks!

When you’re approached by hundreds of viewers each day, it’s vital to follow these tips for affiliate marketing:

  • Respond to every comment;
  • Listen to the viewers’ feedback;
  • Be open and honest;
  • Adjust your approach based on the criticism you receive.

If you want customers to keep coming back, you have to prove that you’ll be around for them. Whatever they comment on, at least try to like or hear it.

The better your relationships with your customers, the more money you’ll make each month.

Whatever you post to your accounts and whatever you respond to comments with, be honest. If your users find out down the line that you’re lying to them, you could lose everything.

Last, but not least, keep adjusting with your viewers. The trends they like, their responses, and their passions are constantly changing. If you can’t keep up with them, well, you know what will happen!

Viral Content

Trends. They’re everywhere and constantly changing. Though there have been staple topics that always seem to grab the users’ attention. While some might seem unorthodox, these video trends are extremely popular:

  • Cute pet or animal videos;
  • Motivational posts;
  • Relationship and mental health advice;
  • Satisfying or symmetrical content;
  • How-tos and tutorials;
  • Home improvement;
  • Any type of prank;
  • People failing or hurting themselves;
  • Unusual facts;
  • Puzzles and games.

The meme section of the internet originally started with a cat. This meme featured a gray cat with the caption “Can I Haz a Cheezburger?” While it might not get the same attention now, this meme broke the Internet. The cheezburger cat opened the door to the endless memes we take for granted today.

Memes eventually turned into vines, which in turn created the prototypical influencers. These people made vines to keep people happy, before they realized they could do it for money. Once publishers realized that they could monetize this, memes started going downhill.

Memes are no longer wholesome ways to entertain your friends. They have turned into money-making schemes. That’s why publishers who use meme advertising should be very careful.

The goal of your memes should first be relatability or entertainment. If it’s obvious you’re only trying to make money, your content will never go viral!


These research ideas for affiliate marketing can only get you so far. The rest is completely up to how much effort you put in on a daily basis. Affiliate marketers like to think that trying these tips once is enough. These ideas are steps that must be taken every day if you actually want to see results.

Luckily, affiliate marketing is so diverse that you can mess up as much as you want. As long as you pick yourself up again and try a different niche or affiliate. There’s a space for everyone to make their affiliate mark online. Plus, more than enough money for everyone to reach their income goals.

Make sure to jump on the affiliate marketing train before you get left behind!