Let’s take a trip back in time, about a hundred years ago. Specifically, let’s see what advertising was like back then. Well, we can’t “see” as most of it was written. Maybe some professional artists were paid to do an art piece for the ad. Other than that, the ads were pure written content.

These people had to rely on real paper and the power that ink held back then. Nowadays, we barely have to put in effort to promote content. We simply turn on our computers; which no one really knows how they work. Then, once we’re online, there’s no stopping ad after ad from being created.

We’ve come so far that we don’t even need to write anything down; we just record it being spoken. Maybe the script must be perfected, but the real cherry on top is video format. It’s much easier to understand someone when you’re watching live!

The only thing left to figure out is how to make money as a streamer. Keep reading to see how streamers turn simple videos into a monthly income.

What is a Streamer?

When you’re learning how to become a streamer and make money, you first need to know what a streamer is. A streamer is a person or group that uses videos as their main form of content.

This video content can have written text within the video or as a write-up below it.

There are also links to resources and products mentioned in the live stream. A streamer can cover any topic under the sun. As long as it follows the content restrictions of the platform it’s on!

If you decide to go the route of making money as a streamer, you’ll benefit in the following ways:

  • Easy setup and follow-through;
  • No experience is needed;
  • Isn’t limited to one geographical area;
  • Creates a sense of trust and openness;
  • Connect with viewers worldwide.

All you have to do to make money as a streamer is record yourself doing anything whatsoever.

What you record yourself doing depends on the niche and audience you’ve chosen. As long as you have a camera, you’re set!

Videos give us the chance to make money as a streamer from anywhere in the world. That means we can also connect to people from all over!

However, there can be some slight cons to making money as a full-time streamer:

  • Needs a strong internet connection;
  • No do-overs or retakes;
  • A clean appearance is needed;
  • Proper language is expected.

While streaming can be very easy, there are still downsides to a limited income source. Streamers should also have other income options in case their live streams do badly.

Live-Streams vs. Video Uploads

Streamers can opt to do all their videos live, or rather upload them once they’ve edited the videos properly.

If you’re learning how to become a YouTube streamer, then you’ll upload videos. If you’re learning how to become a video game streamer, you’ll need to use live-stream videos.

Live-stream videos are recorded as everything happens. There are no undo buttons. You can’t edit the video. You can’t go back and unsay something.

Live-streamers must be very careful when they’re working. One mistake could ruin your whole career!

As for streamers who uploaded videos after edits, you’re in the safe zone when it comes to mistakes. If an uploader makes a mistake, then they’re not paying attention when editing. The only downside to uploaded videos is that there are no live interactions with viewers.

Whichever side of the scale you choose to fall on, put all of your effort into the videos you post.

Take the time to answer user comments, and consider all feedback you get. While some may just complain online, others can have very helpful advice.

Best Ways to Make Money as a Streamer

Whether you want to make money as a YouTube streamer or want to make money as a video game streamer, they both work the same.

Take a look at some of the below ways to make money as a streamer:

  • Affiliate marketing;
  • Funding and user donations;
  • Selling merchandise through online stores;
  • Social media monetization;
  • Social media as an advertising platform;
  • Collaboration.

Any type of streamer relies on the attention and input of the users watching them. With an audience, a live streamer is merely talking to a camera. Without feedback and comments, streamers’ video uploads go to waste.

As a streamer, the more you act as if money is more valuable than users, the less money you’ll end up making. Your customers should be your top priority. You’re making the videos for their enjoyment and education.

Keep your users as happy as you can. However, it’s okay if you don’t get it right. Just know that you’ll receive enough backlash to keep you from ever doing that again!

Affiliate Marketing

Making money as a video game streamer is easy if you use affiliate marketing.

Even making money as a YouTube streamer becomes a walk in the park. That’s because affiliate marketing is a versatile promotion strategy.

Affiliate marketing is what affiliate programs use to get their advertising done.

Affiliate brands and companies will employ content creators to do the heavy lifting. In return, a publisher is paid for each user they bring to the affiliate’s website.

Affiliate marketing happens mostly through affiliate links and ads.

Each publisher receives links that track any user action back to them. This is a great way to ensure no content creator can benefit from someone else’s hard work!

There are two affiliate links you’ll come across when promoting affiliate content.

There are standard links that take users to the affiliate’s main website page. Then there are deeplinks that take users to a product or content page.

Standard links generate less income than deep links, so it’s better to use a mixture of both.

If you want the ability to generate your own affiliate links, try out Admitad.

The Admitad Partner Network is great for those who are tired of waiting for advertisers.

Admitad creates a safe space for publishers to connect with advertisers. Admitad has great affiliate tools, like its handy link generation feature. Admitad also gives content creators a chance to partner with high-paying brands like:

Admitad also offers great solutions for publishers, content creators, and influencers!

Funding and Donations

Two common ways to make money as a live-streamer are crowd funding and user donations.

Basically, you’ll ask your audience to pay you for the great content or service you provide them. The only difference is that this kind of payment isn’t mandatory.

Some streamers monetize their accounts completely. They do this by making their content accessible to viewers who have paid for it. However, this limits your potential audience reach.

That’s why many streamers have their accounts and content open for anyone to view. The only catch is that they’ll ask for donations or funding in each video.

Donations are easy enough; it’s when users give you money of their own choice. Donations come in any amount and are paid through the donation accounts you create.

Funding is similar to donations, except it happens on an ongoing basis.

Crowdfunding is when many users come together and donate over time until a set goal is reached. This goal is set by the content creator and will be used for the purposes stated.

Be careful not to trick online users when it comes to donations and funding! If they see that you aren’t using the money like you said you would, there will be consequences.

Selling Merchandise

It’s okay if you don’t know how to make money as a Twitch streamer or how to make money as a video game streamer. All you need is an online affiliate store.

Or at least some merchandise you can sell to your audience!

A great way to make money streaming is through an ecommerce store. Especially if you’re promoting affiliate products and content.

Content creators can build a page for each product that they need to advertise. When a user goes to buy one of the products, they will be redirected to the advertiser’s website.

The best part about an online store is that it creates three layers of monetization. The layers are broken up as follows:

  • The social media layer;
  • The website layer;
  • The affiliate layer.

The social media layer is when you place your online store links across all your accounts. Many social networks have built-in monetizing features that generate the first income.

Then, once users are on your site, you can earn a second layer of income from affiliate ads placed on each page.

The last step involves the biggest part of your commission: when a user goes to buy an affiliate product. Affiliates have a better rate for user purchases.

Once your online store is set up properly, you can even start promoting your own merchandise. This creates a further layer of income!

Benefits of Social Media

As a live-streamer, there are two main ways you can use social media to your advantage:

  • Social media as an advertising tool;
  • Social media monetization.

Social media is the best place to advertise your live streams.

Many social media networks have features that let you live-stream at a moment’s notice. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are used the most to live-stream content.

Social media networks have large audiences. Every social media network has a feature for you to easily upload videos. Without social media, many content creators would be out of jobs!

Another great feature of using social media is its built-in monetization. Every social media platform can be monetized.

Many networks need at least 1,000 views or subscribers before you can activate them, though. That’s why publishers also make use of third-party monetization tools.

ConvertSocial is an example of a third-party tool you can use to monetize social networks.

ConvertSocial doesn’t have the same view or subscriber requirements.

ConvertSocial can monetize any of these social networks and messaging apps instantly:

Social media, just like being on camera, requires good communication skills. Online users need to understand what you’re saying if you want them to buy anything!

Collaboration is Key

If you still don’t know how much money does a streamer make off bits or how much money does a twitch streamer make per ad, maybe you need other people’s help.

That’s what collaborations are there for. If you’re struggling to get traction, an influencer’s popularity can really help you along!

There are a bunch of ways you can collaborate with influencers, publishers, and brands:

  • Sponsored posts;
  • Giveaways;
  • Competitions;
  • Influencer gifting;
  • Joint content creation;
  • Combined live-streams.

Whichever way you can find to collaborate with someone else, do it.

Collaboration shows your audience that you’re also human. It shows you can get along with others and have a good sense of humor.

It can also show off your intelligent side if people are used to you being silly.

Collaborations require a deeper level of relationship skills. When you work alongside someone, things can quickly get messy. Especially when all the evidence is online forever.

Make sure that you take your time choosing who you collaborate with!

At the end of the day, collaborations are supposed to be a fun experience or event! Let your hair down and give your audience a good show.


The best way to make money as a streamer is to provide content that users want to watch. It doesn’t matter if the content is silly or serious, as long as enough viewers like it. You don’t even need a huge amount of viewers, just enough to reach your income goals.

If you’re one of the top streamers aiming for that 100K a year milestone, you’ll have to put in as much effort as you can! The more ways you are making money as a streamer, the closer you are getting to your goal.

Streamers are dedicated to their content. Live-streamers also consistently post new videos for their users. If you can’t handle the pressures of live streaming, you can always try out affiliate marketing by itself!