Email marketing is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing strategy and business development. Despite the popularity of social media platforms, it is still one the most effective ways of marketing your brand simply because people use email.

It is a method of cultivating people and clients who may be potentially interested in what you sell and then using email to market and sell your products and services.

Why Building an Email List is so Important Today

Like most business owners, it is necessary to have an email list of your current and prospective customers because it is a part of expanding the reach of your brand. There are a few reasons why creating an email list is essential for your business.

  • Email list is the most ideal way to connect with your clients;
  • An email list is more effective in gaining new clients aside from social media platforms such as Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or Facebook fans;
  • It is much easier to sell your product to those on your email list since they voluntarily subscribed;
  • They’ve gone out of their way to say they’ll give you their email address because they trust your brand.

The people on your email list are more invested and filtered as people who want what you’re selling. Hopefully, they got on your list by purchasing or signing up for a freebie that would only be useful to someone who wants what you’re selling.

How to Make Money with Email Marketing

Before we dive right into the topic, you may be wondering how you can actually make money with email marketing?

While this involves some affiliate marketing techniques, this is one of the easiest ways to start. When you have a brand to promote, you can earn money from advertising instantly.

If you want to make money with email marketing, you should go through the Admitad Partner Network.

The platform is a tool that any publisher can use to connect with advertisers worldwide. Once a publisher connects to their selected advertisers, they can generate affiliate links.

Affiliate links are the most important part of affiliate marketing. Once you’ve got your affiliate links, you can immediately make money with email marketing.

Affiliate links are unique to the publishers they’re distributed to. Whenever a viewer clicks on a link, the interaction is tracked back to that link’s publisher.

That way, no one can steal the links and income that you’ve generated.

There are two types of affiliate links that Admitad Partner Network will provide:

  • Standard links;
  • Deep links.

A standard link redirects viewers to the advertiser’s website homepage. This is great for viewers who want a general understanding of what the brand is offering.

Then there are deep links. These links take viewers to specific content or product pages. Most brands prefer their publishers to use deep links more than standard links.

This enables viewers to see in-depth parts of the advertiser website, which entices them to browse other pages.

If you take the easier route by using Admitad, you can generate all your affiliate links in one place.

In addition, Admitad has an entire store of advertisers for you to choose from.

Who says you have to limit yourself to making money from email marketing alone? There are hundreds of brands to choose from!

Once you’ve got your Admitad affiliate links in place, you can start making money with email marketing.

How to Start and Build an Email List

You must provide a compelling cause for individuals to make them give you their email address in building your email list because one no one will give their email address for free. Here are a few points to truly understand how you will make the most money from this:

  • You must consider it from the perspective of the customer;
  • People will see your ad or content, so you must consider it from the perspective of the actual lead who enters their name and email address into use your contact form;
  • Offer people something that will pique their interest so that they will give you their email address. You can start selling products related to whatever they opted in now that you have their email address and know what interests them.

You can put up a freebie on Pinterest, or run ads about what you’re selling. Your email list allows people to qualify themselves as people who would be interested in what you are selling. It will attract the right people who are looking for that certain product you are selling.

Most importantly, it’s a list of people who want to patronize and be part of your business.

The Importance of an Email List

Your email list is the only way to get in touch with people who want to hear from you. You can download and print your email list and email these people at any time.

Essentially, your email list should be the hub for people who want to learn more about your business or buy your product; it’s also likely one of the only platforms from which you can measure conversion rates.

There are industry standards for email lists, and there are methods for calculating how much money you will be making. It is more quantifiable and calculable in terms of sales and conversions.

What to Do With Your Business Email List?

The true power of email marketing is not just in delivering the lead magnet; it is in the repetition that follows.

The idea is that people who hear from you repeatedly over time will develop a relationship with you.

You can start a weekly campaign once you’ve delivered the lead magnet where people signed up.

Simply write and send one helpful email every week.

You don’t have to keep doing this indefinitely because what you do is write a series of emails that can be put on automation when you’re done, and they can be sent out in order to each new subscriber regardless of when they signed up for your list whether it’s tomorrow or two years from now.

How Many Emails Should I Write?

Consider how long your client generally takes to determine whether or not to collaborate with you.

From the moment someone visits your website, calculate how long it takes them to decide whether to choose you or a competitor, and multiply that number by the number of emails you want to send.

In general, each email you send should be between 75-100 words so that it could result in a higher response rate and click through rate.

How To Write a Professional Email?

The email should contain useful content with a single approach. You can combine any type of content in an email.

It may be a link to your latest blog post, a video on YouTube, an infographic, or any episode of a podcast that you can think of.

The most important tip is to make it simple and straightforward.

Best Practices For Email Design

There are many email providers that come with good templates, and you think they look really professional and sophisticated, so you might want to use them, but resist the temptation to do so.

It’s better to keep your email very simple, like writing a letter to a friend rather than a spammer, or even sending a really sophisticated corporate email.

Another option is to use images around your email to spice up and be interesting, but be cautious as using too many images can trigger spam and promotional folders.

If you use a fun GIF or link to a video by email, you can place an amusing thumbnail and link directly to it.

Strike the Right Tone in Email

Another big mistake many online entrepreneurs make is trying to write these emails in a very corporate and very professional way.

On the contrary, try to write like a person, not a company.

More and more people choose to work with companies based on the people they want to work with, not how professional they are.

People react to real people.

You can use emojis when appropriate, split the text into short paragraphs, and use lists if you don’t want to read the large wall text.

Email Marketing Strategies for Campaign Success

Hosting your email list requires the tools to properly and effectively deliver them.

  • You’ll need software that has the features necessary to communicate and do business with your clients;
  • You don’t need a spreadsheet with email lists or email addresses in it to keep records of your clients;
  • Install a software that will automatically capture those email addresses and store them in a bank of people within the software when you want to promote or sell a product.

How to Choose Email Marketing Software

There are a few email marketing apps and software to choose from. It can be a bit overwhelming to look through a ton of software and determine which is suitable for your business.

  • Choose a software that is convenient for you and simple to use if you’re just starting out;
  • Check if they are appropriate for your industry, as some software is tailored to specific industries;
  • Test all possible software to know which is best suited for your business;
  • Don’t abuse your email list with sales and ways for people to buy from you. They signed up because you gave them a beneficial resource, so if all you do is inundate them with promotional emails, they will unsubscribe.

How to Build Relationships Through Email Marketing

Your email list is the place to nurture your subscribers. You want to use your emails to get to know them on a deeper level before you try to sell to them.

In addition to selling to them, provide them with useful, free, substantial, and nurturing information and content.

Before you can sell them, you must first get to know them and gain their trust.

Email marketing is not a fast track to sales, but it is a fast track to nurturing your subscribers and gaining their trust so that you can sell to them.

How To Get Started With Email Marketing

As an email marketer, you should be able to know everything about email marketing – from creating, strategizing, and building an email list. Here are a few things you need to know as an email marketer:

  • You should compose emails as if they were for a friend, or as if you were sending a brilliant piece of material;
  • Explain how you will help them in the email; they do not need to be business emails or heavy on visuals because this lowers open and delivery rates;
  • Get to know people by sending them an email once a week. You should provide them with pertinent knowledge that will assist them on their journey, whatever that may be in those emails. Once you’ve formed a relationship with them, you can sell to them.

The people on your email list will receive a series of emails spread out over a week or two days in which you will enable them to get to know you before pitching them your services or products.

This will ensure that they receive what they signed up for and you will have a fresh email address.

Essential Rules for Email Marketing

Email marketing should not be filled with photographs pushing your items. It should be used to nurture individuals so that when you are ready to offer to them, they are ready to buy.

Email marketing is the finest approach to market your business since you own your list.

It sometimes outperforms Facebook and Instagram ads. Social platforms can go away at any time, but your email list is permanent.

All you need is one excellent piece of actionable content in exchange for their email address.

You must locate a lead magnet that addresses a problem for your potential audience; this might range from a checklist to a resource guide, a multi-day challenge, or video or audio training.

There are other requirements such as:

  • Providing a promising outcome and having an excellent title;
  • The title should sell the benefits and the result while also piquing their interest;
  • Use words like experts, well-known tips, and simple or fast;
  • Avoid sending emails outside working hours.

How to Format a Professional Email

Once you have decided on the best lead magnet topic title and format, it’s time to get to work on actually developing it.

Gather all of the best resources you can find to research, and begin writing a script. While you’re at it, consider whether what you’re doing is actionable and whether it will bring someone from where they are now to where they want to go.

What you should avoid and follow:

  • Don’t make the usual mistake of transforming your lead magnet into a veiled sales presentation;
  • You can promote your services afterward. The purpose of your lead magnet or freebie is to collect email addresses;
  • You should designate a section of your website where visitors can learn more about it and sign up for it. A single page with a great title, a few perks, and a simple signup box at the front and center so you can use the rest of the page to provide even more information and get people excited about it;
  • Do a great job on your lead magnet. You’ll probably get a few emails about it once it’s up. Utilize the emails as social proof on your registration page;
  • You can include a signup section at the bottom of every page of your website. So that no matter which page they are on, they always have the opportunity to join your list.

Why Email Marketing is a Key to Marketing Success

Most of your store visitors, even those you have carefully targeted with your marketing campaigns, may not return unless you do something that attracts them.

Building email lists and sending out promos and offers will help keep the visitors you fought hard to bring to your online store. And you should be aware that email marketing is founded not only on designing the proper marketing tactics, but also on selecting the right time to deploy those plans.

Wrapping Up. How to Make Money with Email Marketing Campaigns

You may believe that the era of email marketing has passed. However, many retailers and startups are exhibiting interests in email marketing as an effective approach to market their business, reach the number of visitors, and even convert them into potential customers who contribute to increased sales.

So you must question yourself, do you employ email marketing to boost your online sales?

If you don’t, you are passing a tremendous opportunity to enhance your sales and convert visitors into potential purchasers.