What are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are shopping experiences that are well-known worldwide. Black Friday normally occurs on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Friday of November.

It is the day that commonly marks the beginning of Christmas shopping, since the month of giving gifts, December, is a few days away.

On Black Friday, numerous stores have discounts and tremendous sales on a variety of products. In most cases, Black Friday occurs in-store and is the best time for shoppers to take advantage of the bargains made available.

Cyber Monday, as the name implies, occurs on the first Monday after Black Friday. This is an e-commerce transaction that encourages people to shop online. It has quickly become one of the biggest and most popular shopping days of the year.

It is an opportunity for online shoppers to also get into the mood of the Christmas spirit as they get a chance to splurge on great deals.

Affiliate product creators and developers work hand in hand to give shoppers extravagant shopping discounts. These discounts normally range between 50% to 80% off on products.

Marketers and bloggers begin to promote these deals at least three weeks before this exciting season.

This gives shoppers an opportunity to see what is on offer and to get their coins ready to shop away.

By joining Admitad partner network, publishers and content creators are able to easily connect with brands and relative advertisers to market their brand and products.

Because of the huge deals and offers that are promoted and advertised for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many bloggers make a great profit as traffic increases expeditiously during this season.

How to Increase Affiliate Sales On Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Properly Optimize Your “Special Pages”

Special pages refer to the pages that are used to list the prime offers during the Thanksgiving season. You add the best tools that people in your niche may take an interest in.

For example, if your niche is fitness adding the best machines that are on sale and gym wear may increase your sales. Adding these tools will help by increasing web presence.

This means that the reach of your blog will increase as it will reach a wide range of web surfers who are all over the world who are interested in the same niche.

This will then widen the range of potential clients for the affiliate offers on your blog. It also increases the accessibility of the blog and gives it an opportunity to be seen by fresh eyes that may see it in the way you desire for it to be seen.

Here are a few tips and tricks that may be helpful in properly optimizing your special pages and gaining the traction you need.

Adding Sales Funnel Builders

A sales funnel builder helps boost the revenue of the website because it can convert leads into customers.

Sales funnels help a customer be more aware of your business and in terms of purchasing the listed products. When your blog is promoting various products, you will use an affiliate funnel.

Discounts and bargains from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will attract customers, which will increase the traffic making it organic.

An example of a funnel that may be of effective use is a book funnel. This is when customers get a free book and only charge for shipping after purchasing their items.

A deal as such may attract leads that are book lovers to become customers.

Adding a CTA Button

A CTA, or call to action button encourages your leads, visitors, and customers to take action.

There are various kinds of call-to-action buttons that appeal to different people.

General call-to-action buttons such as, “click here” may not gain you the desired traction. This is one of the common mistakes in affiliate marketing.

Call-to-action buttons should be effective, but, effective means it may be a little complicated to achieve. This is because the goal is that leads become customers and for your customers to become promoters.

This means each group needs a button that is specific to them, this way you can bring them down your funnel.

An example of the diverse kinds of CTA buttons you can use are:

  • Lead nurturing;
  • Form submissions;
  • Read more;
  • Social sharing button.


Four Types of CTA Buttons To Use

1. Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing buttons are crucial in keeping new leads you have attracted. The best place to insert them is where they can be most visible. It can be placed as a floating banner, at the end of the blog or in the sidebar.

One of the common mistakes affiliate marketers make is to not make this CTA attractive.

An example of a lead nurturing button would be something that says, “Download our fashion guide for more fashion tips on what to wear and pair your clothing items this summer.”

2. Form Submissions

This button encourages visitors to become leads as it needs them to write their contact details, which are then added to the contacts’ database. To attract the visitor even more the language and tone used on this CTA needs to be direct, actionable, and enticing.

3. Read More

A page that is filled with content will require you to save space. But the need to save space should not keep your audience from having an opportunity to access it. This is where this CTA button comes in. With that being said, the mystery of what is next will entice them to click on the button.

4. Social Sharing

This is a way that encourages leads and visitors to engage with your content or products you promote. These buttons must be easily accessible so that people can share the contents on the blog to their social media pages.

This may also lead their followers to your social media platforms. The contents they see on your social media may lead them back to your blog, this is called ConvertSocial.

Analyze Others Black Friday/Cyber Monday Campaigns

By observing the top five bloggers within your niche, who make a reasonable profit from partner marketing, you can notice things you can and should not do in your business.

One of the common mistakes affiliate marketers make is not observing their competitors. Observing your competitors will help you understand the competition you are up against.

This is an important part of a company’s market research.

Doing so will give you an opportunity to monitor their marketing trends and marketing tools such as social media.

Another tool that can be used is called PPC. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a type of internet marketing that includes payments per click on an advertisement. The payment is made by the advertiser, but payment is made only when the advertisement is clicked on.

PPC affiliate marketing mistakes most people make are advertising the wrong product, using the wrong keywords, and having ineffective landing pages.

When observing your competitors, make sure you take note of these errors and their strategies. That way you will make sure that you deliver the Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns.

Leverage Email Subscribers

Another advantageous way you can boost your sales is by using email listings.

It is important that your listing is not random, but that it is filled with people who would be more than willing and excited to purchase the recommended product.

If you do not treat your mail listing with care, those subscribed to it will notice that the emails sent are only to increase your sales. This will lead to them either unsubscribing from your listing or to no longer open any of your mails.

Here are some ways to leverage email subscribers:

Give new subscribers incentives

This will encourage them to revisit your page and use their discount to purchase an item. Typically, people expect a “welcome” discount when they subscribe to a new listing. So, it would be pretty weird to not give them one.

Send out personalized emails

On your sign up page you could have a section whereby new customers fill in details about themselves and interests.

This way, when emails are sent out a customer will receive one that is specific to their interests. These emails can be about one of the items they like being on sale or restocked.

Build Quality Backlinks to Outrank Competitors

Backlinks are a suitable way to increase traffic to your blog because they are links that point to your website from another website. Of course, these backlinks need to be of quality. This is because backlinks affect your SEO and SERP ranking.

Not having quality backlinks would be an affiliate marketing mistake. It is crucial that you have not only quality but organic backlinks which are generated through valuable content.

Write In-Depth Product Reviews

Writing in-depth product reviews shows your customers that you are not only worried about increasing your sales, but they will see that you care about them purchasing the right product.

These are the benefits of writing in-depth reviews:

  • It shows the customer how the product helped you, which may encourage them to purchase it;
  • It becomes personalized and feels more directed to the customer;
  • It generates organic traffic and increases your affiliate sales.


Use Landing Pages to Generate More Sales

Landing pages are an innovative feature that is commonly used by the best bloggers. This is because landing pages are less disruptive as they focus on one call to action.

The purpose of a landing page is to encourage a person to accomplish a certain goal. In order to make more money on Black Friday with affiliate marketing, you must properly utilize your landing page.

They can be used to feature discounts and deals that automatically directs them to the necessary pages.

It is also advisable to include a disclosure to avoid having any issues that are related to partner marketing. Furthermore, make it appealing to the eye while it focuses on the main action.

Use the Right Tools

Using the best tools helps boost your sales. This is because having access to good tools makes your job a lot easier and helps you save time.

Here are some ways tools/apps that you may use, to benefit your blog and bring you quality traffic:

  • Using a good live chat software;
  • Canva for graphic design;
  • Grammarly and Copyscape to help proofread your content;
  • Blog performance tools, such as Google Analytics;
  • Using keyword searching tools to use the most relevant SEO keywords.


Create Video Reviews

Apart from videos personalizing the review, YouTube is a good app to use to your advantage. This is because it is one of the biggest search engines, you can tell by how often you may have searched for a product review on YouTube.

The best way to make use of YouTube video reviews is by giving mostly the best feedback and benefits of the products.

Making the video answer as many questions as possible, such as how to use an item, can be advantageous. You can easily demonstrate how products work too.

You can also add the links to your blog and mention to your viewers that they click on them. Make sure that you use the necessary tags, titles, and keywords in the description box to reach a larger audience.

You can also ask your audience to subscribe to your blog’s email listing.

Give Them a Reason to Buy from Your Affiliate Links

The best weapon that can help increase sales is to give something away after customers make a purchase. This can either be an e-book, a course, or a free service that may be beneficial to them.

An affiliate marketing mistake you must avoid is giving away any random item. This will make the gift thoughtless and show the buyer that it is a tactic to increase sales.

You can also give away free bonuses or a certain discount code they can use on their next person. These are likely to make a customer purchase from you and not your competitors.

Wrapping Up. How to Make Money on Black Friday with Affiliate Marketing

If you want to boost your sales this Black Friday, you need to know some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. Avoiding these mistakes will help increase your affiliate earnings and give you the traction you need.

  • Never prioritize making fast growing sales and neglecting helping your audience;
  • Do not promote products you have never used;
  • Never publish low-quality content;
  • Never ignore SEO.

Also make sure that you pick a niche that you enjoy. This way you will give your best. Do further research and read books such as “The 7 Most Common Mistakes Made in Affiliate Marketing”. Lastly, remember that trial and error do not mean failure.