They say that writers are the cornerstones of society. They have a way to word their thoughts ever so eloquently to the benefit of those around them. If you are a writer, albeit a novelist or a playwright, you know how hard it is to make money online and profit.

The biggest problem most writers face is the difficulty of getting published. One has to find a literary agent or send endless copies to publishers and hope that one of them will take a chance on your text.

This waiting game, unfortunately, does not pay the bills. Luckily, there are other ways for writers to capitalize on their skills and make a decent income.

If you are at the point where you are ready to bring in some extra cash, you will find that there are a plethora of options available. The best part of it all is that it’s convenient, you can work from your bed if you’d want to.

These opportunities range from writing the occasional article or beginning a blogging empire, the fact of the matter is that you can make money writing online and profit.

Making Money Writing Online

As we have mentioned, making money online as a writer is more than doable. It might not be the glamorous life of going on book tours and doing signings, but if you want to pay the bills, you can.

Some of the ways you can achieve this are by blogging, writing articles for other blogs, creating a niche website, creating affiliate content, and self-publishing your book.

Whatever your preferences are there is an option that will suit your needs.

In this article, we’ll be focussing on creating a profitable blog and looking into the ways to monetize it.

Starting A Blogging Empire

If you can write a short story or a script, you can be a blogger.

Blogging has proved that it can be a viable option for writers who want to make money online. A big question aspiring bloggers ponder over is whether there is space for them in this market.

The answer is simple, YES!

Blogging is simple but requires a few things to ensure success.

In order to stand out from the thousands of blogs already taking up space on the internet, you will have to have a certain tenacity. Blogging will require you to be disciplined and consistent.

The biggest thing to realize now, before you even start looking for a host platform, is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It will take some time for your blog to become popular, but this is where the discipline and consistency come in.

So what are the steps to making money writing online with a blog?

It’s all about the niche!

This is an extremely important aspect of creating a successful blog.

You have to find your niche!

A niche is essentially what your blog will focus on. Perhaps you will blog about music or technology. Or maybe you want to blog about your life and things you have experienced.

You will have to decide what your interests are and stick to them. You are more likely to attract visitors when you stick to one area. This will also ensure that the initial traffic you drive to your blog becomes return visitors.

Setting up Your Blog

We live in the era of aesthetics. You have to make sure that your blog is well designed and correlates with what niche you have chosen.

Luckily there are hosting sites that have templates that will help you set it up quickly and easily if you can’t afford to hire a website designer.

Most of these host sites are also free and are a great starting point if you don’t have the capital to hire professionals yet.

When considering what aspects to focus on when setting up your blog, you should give attention to the following:

  • Domain name;
  • Design;
  • Hosting site.

These three underrated aspects can make or break your blog. Do not make rash decisions. Take your time to set it all up to make sure you are creating a blog that reflects you and your standards.

Blog is up, let’s post!

Now that your blog is up and running, the real work begins!

You have to post regularly and figure out a marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your site. This would be a great time to start considering yourself as a brand.

When you look at top influencers and bloggers, they have distinct qualities that make the consumer remember them.

What is your brand?

Use your chosen niche to inform your brand identity. It’s super important as it is how people will feel connected to you as a person, not just as an online writer.

You should have a presence on all major social media platforms. These include:

Being present on these platforms and using them as a marketing tool can help tremendously in securing constant traffic to your site.

Another plus-side to building a following on these networks is that it could allow you to not only monetize your blog, but also these media platforms which could result in more income (we will discuss monetizing your blog in just a moment).

You should view all these different aspects of creating your blogging empire as a solar system. Your blog is the sun and the social media platforms are the planets revolving around it.

They should be in constant relation with each other to ensure a balance is present in your business model.

Where’s the money though?

It should come as no surprise that just having a blog with regular traffic will not magically put money into your bank account.

Once all of these aspects have fallen into place it is time to make the money honey!

There are different ways you can actually make money writing online by being a blogger. The top two ways are:

  • Google AdSense;
  • Partner marketing.


Google Adsense

Monetizing your blog with Google AdSense is pretty simple.

You create an account and Google will place advertisements on your site that relate to your niche. Similar to YouTube AdSense, the amount you will make is dependent on how many visitors your site gets.

The system works with a Pay Per Click model. This means that every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you will get paid 68% of the amount the advertiser has paid Google.

The amount you’ll actually make with this system also depends on your niche.

Certain niches get paid more per click than others. We would recommend that you research what you can expect to get paid in relation to your niche.

However, to make a decent amount of money, you will have to ensure your blog gets a lot, and we mean a lot, of traffic.

Partner Marketing

The holy grail of making money online through writing; is partner marketing.

You must have heard this term being thrown around before, but do you actually know what it is?

Partner marketing is a system whereby you promote a company’s products on your platform and get paid for every purchase made using your unique code or referral link given by that organization.

You might have come across this on one of your favorite blogs or through social media influencers. That discount code the beauty guru so gallantly offers during their videos? They get paid for that! And you can too!

You don’t need to be a social media influencer to do this. All you need is your passion project (a.k.a your blog) and a product you really like.

I bet you are wondering, “how do I even start looking for a company to affiliate with?” We’ve got you covered.

There are multiple companies online that act as the middle man between brands and publishers/creators. Our top two are:

  • Partner Network;
  • ConvertSocial.


Admitad Partner Network

Partner Network from Admitad is one of the fastest-growing affiliate marketplaces. It has an amazing reputation in the industry and is used and trusted by many companies and online workers.

Admitad essentially acts as a marketplace for publishers (that’s you) to find companies that wish to sell their products through affiliating with websites and blogs. They do not only act as a middle man between you and these companies but also offer a wide array of services to ensure you get the best possible service.

If you are worried about whether the company you affiliate with is right for your brand, do not fret!

Partner Network has over 3000 companies on their register that you can choose from. This allows you to ensure that the brand you associate with is complimenting your online presence.

Admitad made a total of $5.1B in sales in the year 2020, and when you look at the brands we’re working with, it is easy to understand why there are a plethora of ways to make money online.

A quick review of some of the companies that advertise with them, it is easily deduced that they connect you with globally recognized brands.

These include, but are not limited to:

No matter what your niche is, they will have a correlating company to compliment and support your online brand.

However, not only do Admitad brings publishers and advertisers together, but it also offers work tools, support, and consulting services. This means Admitad is a company to have in your corner as you try to make money writing online and profit.


Remember when we said earlier that having social media platforms to market your blog is a great way to ensure traffic to it? Well, this company will help you monetize those social channels and blogs.

This is another reason why building your blogging solar system is so important. It will allow you to monetize your social media channels!

This in turn will allow you to have more streams of income with the gravitational force being your blog.

Why not earn some money online while you direct social media users to the main attraction?

Like Partner Network, ConvertSocial works with prestigious global brands that will also make you look like a hotshot for working with reputable companies.

To name a few, you could potentially be partnering with brands like:

  • Nike;
  • Sony;
  • NYX;
  • Mango;

As you can see, these are top-tier brands that are recognized globally. Being affiliated with them will help you boost your brand recognition.

ConvertSocial has more than 100.000 stores and brands in the catalog for you to choose from.

They have also paid out around $9 million since 2019, and the process couldn’t be easier. You sign up, select a brand, get the referral link, and share it with your loyal followers.

The more engaged followers you have the more money you will make online with your Instagram profile, or YouTube channel.

Wrapping Up. How To Make Money Writing Online And Profit

As you can see the biggest part of making money online as a writer is to ensure that you get visitors to your blog.

There is a multitude of options available to monetize your blog but it all depends on your tenaciousness in ensuring that you keep up with a regular posting schedule. And it won’t be easy. Empires aren’t built overnight.

If you are serious about making a living as an unpublished writer through blogging, you have to put in the work. And it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that you have to become an influencer.

You just have to know how to use these platforms and capitalize on the system.

We are experiencing a revolution in how we think about what it means to make a living and work.

The thing with revolutions, however, is that there are always people left behind. People who didn’t understand the potential they had at their fingertips. People who were so stuck to the idea of having a 9 – 5 job.

Anyone can make it online, especially if you have the tenacity and talent. Don’t be left behind. If only you had bought a few bitcoin in 2008. You would’ve been lounging in a cabana on a white sand beach.

Don’t fear what you don’t know. Start building your empire today.