It’s no secret that traveling by train or bus around Europe can be a life-saver for those willing to visit the Old World on a budget. If you’re one of those savvy travelers looking for convenience yet keeping costs low, Trainline is here to help. Learn how to make money with the Trainline affiliate program and get 3% of the booking cost for new clients and 1% for existing clients.
How to Make Money With Trainline

What Is Trainline?

Trainline is a flexible tool for anyone traveling across Europe. This leading train and coach booking platform also provides real-time travel information on itineraries, prices, and departure and arrival times of more than 250 rail and bus operators in 45 countries.

With their list of travel operators being constantly upgraded, there are over 80M users from 170 countries who use Trainline every month.

Trainline Features

Aside from a desktop version, there is also a mobile app that makes the buying process easier and quicker – simply download your e-ticket to have it readily available when you arrive at the station.

The app has a trains/bus comparison tool, which gives you access to a number of tickets, offering you the most cost-effective options for your journey by the provider.

Finally, the app enables you to check the train and bus timetable in real time, choose a seat and pay for the tickets with one of seven currencies or with PayPal.

The best thing about Trainline is that you can choose how far in advance you want to book your trip (up to seven days) and it allows you to save up to 51% of the train ticket price.

Furthermore, if you want to save over 1/3 with a season ticket compared to buying daily tickets, Trainline has a season ticket calculator. Check it to figure out whether you need weekly, monthly, annual, or a custom ticket.

Trainline Affiliate Program

You can create extra revenue from your travel website, monetize your blog or travel app by promoting Trainline train and coach products to your audience. Whether you are an event organizer, tourism operator, charity, or government organization, the Trainline Affiliate Program has something for everyone.

Why You Should Join Trainline Affiliate Program

  • The high reward for publishers: 3% of the booking cost for new clients;
  • The average check is ~80 € in Europe and ~50 £ in UK;
  • Cookies last for 30 days after clicking;
  • High conversion;
  • Great support service.


How to Make Money With Trainline

If you run a travel blog, chances are you know that offering train and bus tickets to those who are going to visit a few European countries is well worth the effort. It doesn’t take much time to cross a few countries at a time, so you should know what are the top destinations of Trainline.

Top Destinations. Best European Travel

  • Great Britain. London – Manchester, London – Edinburgh, Glasgow – Manchester;
  • France. Paris – Lyon, Paris – Bordeaux, Paris – Nice;
  • Germany. Berlin — Frankfurt, Bremen – Hamburg, Frankfurt main hbf – Cologne hb, Hamburg – Hannover;
  • Italy. Rome – Venice, Milan – Florence, Rome – Naples.

When it comes to traveling in Great Britain, Great Western Railway is one of the best companies to use because it covers all the country and some of its routes pass through many scenic locations.

Trainline Target Audience

According to recent data, 50.07% of all Trainline users from 25-34 years identify themselves as male, while 49.93% identify themselves as female. In other words, if you want to make money with Trainline, you need to attract savvy travelers who plan a trip around Europe.

Another option is to cater for travelers who take transfers from the airport or back by providing an interesting itinerary.

Join the Trainline affiliate program to monetize your website traffic or social media channels!