Everyone around the world has experienced the beauty of nature and history. Regardless of where you’re from, learning about your history is fascinating. The world is so old and has so many stories to share. That’s why millions of people travel throughout the world. Everyone wants a taste of what the world can offer!

Whether you’re flying overseas for work or pleasure, it can be an amazing experience. However, traveling in style and comfort makes a difference too. That’s why certain airlines have worked their way to the top of the heap. Airlines such as Emirates work hard to provide the best services for their clients.

Within these services, Emirates has found a great way to give back to their customers. They even figured out how to employ publishers to increase their audience reach. Between the Skywards Miles Program and the Affiliate Program, you can easily earn money on each flight with Emirates.

The only thing you’ll need is dedication and time! Keep reading to learn exactly how to make money with the Emirates affiliate program.

What is Emirates?

If you’re still unsure, Emirates is a luxury airline that provides great features and services. Those going overseas can take advantage of the following Emirates benefits:

  • Hotels;
  • Car rentals;
  • Tours and activities;
  • The “Dubai experience”;
  • Chauffeur drive;
  • Meet and greet;
  • Airport transfers.

Not only can clients fly in comfort and style, they are taken care of at every step of their journey. From the moment you leave the airport, you can rent a car or even hire a chauffeur from Emirates. That will take you right to the Emirates hotel you’ve booked with.

From then, you can check out Emirates tours and activity guides to keep your holiday exciting!

When you book with Emirates, you have a choice between the following classes:

  • Economy;
  • Premium Economy;
  • Business;
  • First Class.

If you’re unsure which class to pick, Emirates provides a 3D simulation of each cabin on their website!

Every cabin has access to 5,000+ channels accessible through their in-flight screens. These screens also provide access to all the information you might want to know about your plan. Plus, it even shows your progress on a map. Not to mention that you have onboard WiFi for all of your communication needs!

The delectable dinners served by Emirates are a tasty perk of flying with them. No expense is spared when it comes to Emirates dining. Even economy class can enjoy a multicourse meal throughout the flight.

Travelers can also shop through Emirates’ online store or their in-flight magazine, EmiratesRED. You can bring home a piece of Emirates merchandise to remind you of your fantastic trip!

Emirates Skywards Miles

Now that you understand what it is, we can look at one of the ways to make money with Emirates. Emirates has a great Skywards Miles program.

This program allows passengers to benefit from the miles they collect. Miles can be earned every time a passenger flies with:

  • Emirates;
  • Flydubai;
  • Emirates airline partners.

The number of miles you can earn differs depending on your route, the type of fare, and the class you’re in. The higher your class or the longer your route, the more miles you’ll earn!

Passengers can earn more miles based on the membership tier that they’ve signed up for:

  • Silver Members: 25% bonus;
  • Gold Members: 50% bonus;
  • Platinum Members: 75% bonus.

If you still want to accumulate more miles, Emirates lets passengers accumulate more through:

  • Purchasing Skywards Miles;
  • Multiplying your miles (up to four times);
  • Boosting your account;
  • Pooling your miles into a joint Family Account.

Once you’ve gotten your miles in place, it’s time to spend them! Emirates offers amazing benefits when clients use their miles, such as the chance to:

  • Pay fully for tickets;
  • Book hotel stays;
  • Have access to live events;
  • Receive exclusive invitations;
  • Upgrade flight classes.

While this is a great way for passengers to benefit from flights, it doesn’t lead to an actual salary every month. But don’t worry, the rest of the article is dedicated to actually making money from Emirates!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money with Emirates affiliate program. Emirates pays publishers to advertise on its behalf. This way, Emirates gains traction and user traffic, and publishers earn commission.

However, affiliate marketing is not limited to Emirates. There’s a world of affiliate marketing waiting for every publisher to explore!

Publishers can make money through affiliate marketing by using their unique referral links. Referral or affiliate links are URLs that affiliate networks provide their publishers with.

Every link is tied to a specific publisher. This ensures any user interaction can be tracked back to the correct publisher! You won’t have to worry about some other publisher making money on your behalf.

When it comes to affiliate links, there are two types you can advertise. Both generate different types of income, so it’s best to use a mixture:

  • Standard affiliate links;
  • Deeplinks.

Standard links simply take users to the advertiser’s front page. In our case, it will take you to Emirates’ homepage. Standard links are generic and only earn publishers a small commission.

Then there are deeplinks.

Deeplinks take users further into the affiliate site. Deeplinks send users to specific content or product pages. The higher the chance of users buying products, the more commission you’ll be paid. If they do purchase anything, you’ll be paid even more!

The only job of an affiliate marketer is to share their affiliate content with as many people as possible. Get them to click their links.

If you can get them to subscribe to emails or even a membership, that’s even better.

How to Become an Emirates Affiliate

Emirates’ Affiliate Program pays publishers for referring new users to Emirates.com. Each publisher is paid with the CPA (Cost Per Action) method, which includes the following actions:

  • Buying a ticket;
  • Signing up for a premium membership;
  • Buying Skywards Miles;
  • Using any services provided by Emirates’ affiliates.

If you want to make money using the Emirates’ Affiliate Program, you must use coupons or affiliate links to refer clients.

If they go to the Emirates’ website without your link, then you won’t get paid for it!

The user’s actions will accumulate over a month before you’re paid. The Emirates Affiliate Program pays out before the 20th of every month.

To become an Emirates advertiser, you must agree to a few terms and conditions. Keep the following in mind when sharing your affiliate links and coupons:

  • Do not use Emirates’ name or any variations in pop-up ads;
  • Do not bid on any Emirates’ search terms in paid search ads;
  • Do not promote Emirates in a sexual manner or through violent and illegal activities;
  • Refrain from any political or controversial topics;
  • All conversions earned through brand bidding will be rejected.

If you can follow these simple rules, you’re all set to advertise with Emirates! Wait, did we discuss how you can easily sign up with Emirates? No? That’s where a tool called the Admitad Partner Network comes in.

The Admitad Partner Network

Why waste time trying to sign up with Emirates yourself? Why waste time looking for your own advertisers in the first place? When there’s a tool like the Admitad Partner Network, that makes it all easy. Through Admitad, you can make money from Emirates Affiliate Program immediately!

The Admitad Partner Network facilitates publisher-advertiser relationships and interactions. Through Admitad, publishers can:

  • Discover the best advertisers to partner with;
  • Collaborate with a number of advertisers;
  • Maintain all advertisers through a single interface;
  • Generate affiliate links;
  • Get support from the Admitad team.

One of the nicest Admitad features is the ability to generate your own affiliate links. No more waiting around for affiliate programs that have too many links to generate and send out.

Admitad offers great solutions for both content publishers and affiliate publishers. Plus influencers and creators!

Admitad also has a Store where you can browse through all the available advertisers. Once you’ve gotten the hang of promoting Emirates, you can start marketing for other brands like:

Last but not least, Admitad provides helpful affiliate tools and resources. Admitad provides statistics and a record history of all affiliate work and transactions. As well as excellent business models for affiliate marketing experts.

Where to Promote Affiliate Links

While having affiliate links is great, they’re useless if you have no idea what to do with them. You can’t make any money by running around with your laptop in the air, displaying the Emirates’ homepage! That would, however, be a fun way to make money with Emirates.

Luckily, we can do the same thing virtually and actually earn an income from it. The Internet allows us to run around displaying websites without appearing insane.

The most common platforms and marketing tactics that publishers take advantage of include:

The platforms you decide to use should suit the marketing style you have.

If you’re more quiet, try a website or blog that you have full control over.

If you’re loud and proud of it, influencing and collaboration are definitely for you.

You can even mix and match different platforms and advertising methods. The more platforms you can use, the higher your potential income will be.

Just remember that every extra platform you advertise on doubles your workload!

Those who know how to make money using Emirates do so by instilling monetization.

Most popular social media networks have built in monetization features. As long as you meet the requirements, you’re good to go.

If you want to jumpstart your monetization, try ConvertSocial.

ConvertSocial is a tool publishers use to instantly monetize many social media accounts and messengers, including:


How Much Money Can You Make with Emirates Affiliate Program?

The Emirates Affiliate Program offers a base rate of 1.25% for most destinations. The highest rate that Emirates will offer is 2.5%. That might not seem like much, but let’s put it into an example.

Let’s say you managed to get 100 users to book a return ticket through Emirates. Each user booked at least a three-day flight, with first-class tickets, from South Africa to America. Looking at the lowest prices on Emirates right now, each passenger would pay $8,775. If they all booked economy, they would pay $1,175.

You can immediately see why it is preferable to promote first-class! If all your viewers booked a first-class ticket at $8,775, you’d make up to $10,000 in commission off of 100 trips. You’d still make a nice $1,500 if they all booked economy at $1,175.

As you can see, you don’t need to make thousands of bookings to make a decent income. Just refer a few high-paying clients, and your commission will greatly increase!

At the end of the day, the best ways to make money with Emirates all include putting in the right effort.

If you share your affiliate links every day, you can easily get five to ten viewers to book a nice vacation. It’s not like you have to convince them to go to the doctor!


Now that you understand how to make money from Emirates, what are you waiting for? Go out there and share the amazing trips and destinations that Emirates has to offer. From over 158 beautiful destinations across 85 fantastic countries.

The best part about making money with Emirates is that it’s easy to convince someone to go on vacation. If you’ve ever tried to sell products that no one wanted, you’d see how easy it is to promote vacations!

From tanning on the beach all day to connecting with business partners all over the world. Traveling offers so many opportunities for everyone out there. Once you’ve built up enough momentum in affiliate marketing, you could go on a trip yourself.

The Emirates airline offers everyone the chance to partake in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether you’re going on trips or advertising them, everyone can benefit from Emirates.