The year 2022 will long be remembered as a year of economic decline and instability. Its first half generated an entire year’s worth of news and events. Forefront is the cataclysmic economic jolt that has shocked the entire world, threatening to usher in a global recession of massive proportions.

In light of the state of affairs, it is imperative that anyone of us with the time, energy, stamina, means, and foresight take up the initiative to find new and innovative ways to generate an income.

Now, you may have spent a reasonable amount of time wracking your brain for the ideal solution when one was proverbially sitting directly under your nose. Think along the lines of practical, solutions-oriented, and useful in a win-win type of way.

It’s simple, painless, and practically staring you in the face! All you need is a travel website or an engaging social media presence.

Throw in the love for travel as well as connecting people and you’re basically set to begin making a reasonable amount of returns for your work.

Who said the love for all things travel-related would not be useful? Now it is possible to make money through hotel bookings. Literally!

With the relaxation of restrictions around the world and the lifting of travel bans as the globe collectively breathes a sigh of relief at the thought of the restoration of the privilege of blessed travel; this solution can only be described in one word: Lucrative.

Whether you’re a blogger, travel fanatic, or ordinary citizen seeking a timely opportunity, this chance is ripe and ready for the taking.

A Partner Network such as Admitad is making huge strides in the industry to bring this revolutionary way of working into the immediate sphere of the business-savvy bloggers who would like to realize the notion of monetizing the great power of networks.

If you’ve been hibernating as a result of the pandemic, or you’re just an introvert who naturally lives under a rock (and loves it!) we’ll clue you in. The big buzzword is “Partner Marketing.”

If this is a concept, simmer on the definition as per the Oxford Dictionary: A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Admitad prudently makes use of such a model, the churning wheels that run the proverbial bus are performance, association, marketing, and rewards.

Admitad primarily offers incentives to an associate or affiliate for business generated in the form of clients, visitors or hard-earned cash.

Regardless of your natural temperament or your preferred mode of work, this is a handy way to generate passive income. This is not your average internet marketing strategy, it’s in a league of its own.

Unfortunately, the industry is not heaped with supporting materials, documentation, training, and qualifications. Outside of the short college tutorial by a conscientious lecturer, the subject is not covered extensively in formal institutions of learning.

Therefore, anyone interested in learning the intricacies will have to do so of their own volition, in their own time, which translates to on-the-job training likely.

The cost of assuming responsibility for the mandatory upskill is a small price to pay for the payoff of a sustainable passive income revenue stream.

Although historically, mostly gigantic organizations, advertisers, bloggers, public figures, and celebrities usually make use of this powerful tool – so can you. At the base and core of this blueprint is the usage of word-of-mouth business strategies or referral stratagem.

Interestingly, according to a statistics report released by e-consultancy focusing on internet statistics, the sectors most expected to grow from this method of marketing are financing, mobiles and, you guessed it, the travel industry!

The Admitad catalog has a number of useful offers for anyone wishing to venture into the trade, depending on the user preference.

A user can simply join any of the affiliate programs from the catalog with the simplicity of a click. The entire model is centered around attracting leads and creating traffic on the site.

How to Make Money on Hotel Booking

You can start earning on the hotel booking if you have a travel-related website or are active on social networks. You can also book hotels via your affiliate link and get a commission. There are many options on how to earn on the hotel booking.

To do this, you need to join partner networks. The total amount of income depends on how many bookings you secure. You will earn per booking or click depending on the hotel affiliate program you choose.

Steps to Earning Money from Booking Sites

  • The user must choose the domain and set up the user’s website, even if he does not have enough experience in this field;
  • It is assumed that the user’s site should be enriched with useful content that will attract the attention of visitors loyal to their interest in tourism and travel, whether inside or outside the country;
  • The content should include information about travel, places of tourism, how to obtain a visa, the cost of travel, as well as the best restaurants, transportation, etc;
  • You are advised to write between ten to twenty articles per month, relying on the SEO rules so that the site appears in the search engine results.


Tips to Earn Profit from Booking Sites

  • Provide visitors and customers with a valuable benefit and a wealth of information;
  • Look for keywords that are less competitive;
  • Choose bold and appealing titles for your articles in order to draw in more readers;
  • Make every effort to attract non-traveling groups by creating unique and customized material for this category.


How to Make Money from Hotel Reservations

If you enjoy traveling, you may have used to book a room or to research which hotels are close to the city you are going to and what their rates are.

You can profit from even more convenient service by earning a commission in a simple and clever approach that will provide you with an additional income.

The service is utilized by more than just travelers; it is also used by marketers as a complement to their normal income, allowing them to achieve financial independence.

Admitad Store

Partner Network from Admitad is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces that connects publishers to several hotel accommodations, travel experiences, transportation options, and much more.

There you can find travel offers for both established brands and seasoned bloggers and allows webmasters to reach a worldwide audience and expand their businesses.

How to Register on Admitad Store

The registration process is straightforward, and your account will be approved right away.

Simply go to and click Sign In. Fill in the essential information, including your name, email address, password, and phone number, and you’ve taken the first step toward being an Admitad partner.

When you choose a product category, the site will provide a number of options to get you started. The catalog items contain information on pricing, commission, legal requirements, property data, and other useful tools.

Promote Hotel Booking Offers in a Professional Way

If you have previously liked the service of a hotel, there are those who need to present your experience to them, either through a short video, or a comment in a forum, or you may open your own site in which you share your experiences with an affiliate link and here you have earned a commission in the simplest way.

There are many ways that you can promote your profitable links, including free ones, and some that require investing an amount of money:

Do What You Love

As a content creator who is going to promote and market the service or product advertised, it really helps to be passionate about the cause or to have values aligned.

Posts, videos, reviews, and other innovative ways to market the brand will need to flow from a place of sincerity in order to resonate with the audience. As a start, it often helps if you don’t spread yourself out too thin.

Quick Tip: Focus on the industry and become a specialist. Travel and hospitality are particularly popular internationally at this time, ensure that they are particularly popular in your own heart too!

Pick Your Poison

You can either be an involved affiliate: One who has personal use and experience with the product/service.

Related affiliate: One who is familiar with the industry as a whole but not with the specific product, but still a reliable source.

Unattached affiliate: One who has had no prior experience with the marketed brand.

Taking The Steps

Once you’ve successfully selected the kind of contracting arrangement that suits you best, harness your creativity to promote the brand, product or service.

It could be a hotel booking, but it’s more than the booking. It’s the experience, it’s the simplicity, it’s the ease of reference. Think outside of the box but keep it personable; no one likes to feel as though they are being “sold a product or a campaign.” It has to flow freely and naturally.

Setting Up A Personal Website

In all likelihood, you will need to set up a personal website (if you don’t already have one) with a personal domain. The website must be appealing to the target audience and be SEO friendly so as not to get lost within the common clutter and fodder on the internet.

It is imperative that the website be kept up to date with regular articles being posted on a month-to-month basis. The site must attract visitors and holiday-makers who would gravitate towards this element of travel. The site must be intuitive, informative, relevant, and user-friendly.

It may be impractical to set up a website (particularly at the beginning), in which case, relevant promotion through social media should be sufficient. In this case, the benefit is that the existing social media platform of the business should serve as the canvas.

Establish a social media presence or network platform to harness the power of your influence. If you already have this, then enhance it as you transition to a more business-minded approach instead of a social-minded (often frivolous) approach.

Building Up an Email List

Alternatively, you could build an e-mailing list, which is done by using links to direct clients on a list, this can also serve as a profitable step, provided the approach is personable and the solicitations are welcome.

Obtain A Referral Link

Usually, after joining partner networks like Admitad, you would receive a referral link that’s unique to you and is commission-based. Important to remember that the content is the initial “click-bait” that makes the referral link useful and relevant.

Begin To Earn

Ensure that you are satisfied with the earning structure as presented by your affiliate program partner. Understand the commission structure very deeply and ensure that it is practical and sustainable from your end, otherwise, a negotiation might be pending!

Remuneration Structures

Remuneration can be meted out in a number of ways:

Revenue Sharing

Typically this is the method that’s employed in this line of business. The total sales generated from the advertisement’s success are distributed among all the parties involved once all expenses have been accounted for.

Cost Per Click

In this model, an advertiser and a publisher or issuer enter into an agreement. The publisher is usually the owner of a website. Every time the advertisement is clicked, the publisher is paid by the advertiser. Although the risk of click fraud is always imminent, this method has proved lucrative in the industry.

Cost Per Impressions

The publisher is paid every time a potential customer views the advertisement. The customer need not necessarily click on the ad, they just need to see it as it is displayed on their particular page of interest.

Cost Per Order

In this method, also known as cost per purchase or cost per impression, the publisher will be paid on a formula calculated by dividing the cost of the advertising by the number of purchases or orders.

The formula is basically used to determine the cost per order and is ideal in cases where the actual sale is the most important goal of all and is the primary focus of the advertisement.

Cost Per Action

Another model that could encompass a range of different definitions is the cost per action method or cost per acquisition method in which case, the publisher will only get paid based on a measurable and verifiable action such as a click or a sale. There must be evidence of direct action from the customer.

Cost per Mille (CPM)

This relates to the cost that the advertiser must bear for every Thousand viewers of the ad, which are essentially customers in potential mode.

Pay Per Lead

In this case, the publisher is paid per lead generated. The advertiser will specify the rules of engagement and if negotiation is necessary, it will be endeavored upon to reach a fair conclusion from both parties.

Although this method of earning an income is typically unconventional. It does have some upsides:


Low-risk strategy:

This is a low-risk undertaking and does not require scores of capital to be produced in order to be successful.

In some cases, the cost is literally zero (from a financial perspective.) Initial costs could include setting up a website or downloading/purchasing appropriate software. With a proven and tested partner network like Admitad backing you, all the better.

Networking opportunity:

This is a sweet opportunity to learn to network or leverage an existing network.

Learning opportunity:

This is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or a new set of skills as you enhance your professional outlook, your personal outlook is automatically enhanced.

As you market different brands and products, you’ll be inadvertently forced to learn about these programs. As you are swayed to take on the experience for yourself, to book a hotel and go on that long-postponed trip.


Unpredictable Receipts

For many, this stream of income begins as a side hustle and evolves into a staple with the progression of time. However, often, there is no certainty in terms of the income streams from month to month.

The Industry is Susceptible to Fraud

You have to continuously be on the alert against fraudulent parties and the possibility of being swindled as you conduct your business.

Things To Watch Out For:

Unethical affiliate activity is a huge no-no; this includes spam, harmful browser extensions, and forced clicks to trick the customer. It is also discouraged to use methods like giveaways that will entice the customer to click when they otherwise would not have done so.

Additional Tips

Be A Strong Competitor

Keep up to date with the industry and market as well as the travel trends, and be aware of industry niches.

Do Not Limit Your Means of Communication

Multiple streams of platforms will lead to multiple streams of income. Be as prolific as possible, engaging as many sources as you possibly can, ranging from blogging to banner ads to websites to a strong social media presence.

Work With Conviction

Passion and quiet confidence about the discussed content is a sure-fire way to pull in the crowds and build camaraderie with the people.

Promote Your Programm

If there are unconventional ways to promote your program, find them and make it a personal lifestyle.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Ensure you analyze the data regularly. Mark your content against reactions and alter and modify as the need demands.

Work In Partnership With Trustworthy Businesses

Make sure that you are not made to be an accessory to the crime, and conduct the necessary background checks on your affiliate partners to ensure congruence of facts.

Negotiate Prudently

Ensure that the commission you are earning is commensurate to the work you are doing.

No doubt the time period post-2020 has brought along some painful events to the human experiences, but it certainly has pronounced some much-needed advantages as we advance into an era that’s digitally powered mind-numbingly solutions-oriented. Hoping this has served as a worthy ace up your sleeve as you continue your journey. Happy marketing!